5 Tasty Diabetic Dessert Options

There are many delicious diabetic dessert options for those who are limited in the amount of sugar that they can consume, without having to limit flavor. By simply making a few different choices in the ingredients, even non-diabetics can enjoy the benefits of a low-sugar after dinner treat.  

As people with diabetes have an aversion to glucose, you will find that fruit, nuts and sweeteners are used quite frequently in diabetic desserts.  This can obviously be an advantage to those of you who are watching your sugar and calorie intake.

Be warned though, that although these desserts are very low in glucose, some may still have a fairly high fat content!

1. New York Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the most popular dessert options around, and rightly so. It is sweet and creamy and deliciously fattening – traditionally.  But, by making a few simple changes, this dieter’s nemesis can be transformed into an ally.

Use a sugar substitute like Splenda instead of regular sugar to sweeten the cheesecake, as well as reduced fat cream cheese for the filling. A popular idea seems to be using crushed Graham crackers mixed with melted butter for the base.

To boost the fiber content, you can also sprinkle in a little bran to the base mix.

2. Berry and Banana Pudding Cake

Graham crackers come into their own again with this delicious and simple recipe. Instant pudding mix combined with fat free milk takes out a lot of the hard work for you, before combining it with some cream cheese and spreading it over a few sheets of the crackers. This can then be topped with assortment of mixed fresh or frozen berries, sliced bananas and crushed nuts to make a very easy and tasty sugar free dessert.

3. Apple Pie

Another classic dessert and a solid favorite for many years, this is very easy to transform into a sugar free option for diabetics to enjoy without skimping on the flavor. In this recipe, the sugar is replaced by fruit sweetener, which can be bought in good department stores and most health food stores. Fruit sweetener is a concentrate of fruit juices that is just perfect for use in fruit based desserts such as this one. Sugar free apple sauce is also added, as well as some chopped nuts to finish this off.

4. Mixed Berry Ice Cream Sundae

This looks amazing and tastes even better as a refreshing end to any meal. Simplicity is the key here, as a cup of your choice of frozen berries can be added to a little fresh orange juice and an artificial sweetener such as Splenda, before being blitzed in a blender. This smooth sauce can then be poured over a tall glass containing some low fat ice cream, before being topped off with crushed nuts.

5. Light White Chocolate Whip

One of the easiest desserts that you can possibly make looks great and tastes divine! Simply by combining a packet of sugar free white chocolate pudding mix with fat free milk and some frozen whipped topping, this can be produced in minutes for those last-moment affairs when guests turn up unannounced! Served in cocktail glasses with a sprig of mint for a garnish, they will never fail to impress.


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