5 Surprisingly Bad Low Fat Foods

Consuming foods that are labeled “low fat” may not be the best was to reach your weight loss goals. Below is a list of five surprisingly bad low fat foods as well as a few healthy alternatives to these products.

Low Fat Granola

This cereal, touted as a “healthy” breakfast, may be low in fat, but is loaded with tons of sugar to make up for the lack of fat. Depending upon the brand, a single cup of low fat granola can carry over 28 grams of sugar and a whopping 370 calories. Your healthy alternative: high fiber cereals that are low in fat and contain less than 8 grams of sugar.

Low Fat Fruit Yogurt

Yogurt offers so many healthful benefits including live cultures that aid in healthy digestion. However, low fat yogurts that contain fruit usually come with high amounts of sugar. Most are made with fruit juices rather than fresh fruit, depleted the product of any nutrients.  Your healthy alternative: buy low fat cottage cheese, plain yogurt, or Greek yogurt and add in your own fresh fruit.


If you are looking for a great snack to munch on, you better put the pretzels down. Though they are a low fat snack, these little twists pack in 220 calories per serving and carry very little nutritional value. Remember, the key to dieting is to eat nutrient dense calories. Your healthy alternative: almonds. They not only provide you with that needed crunch, but they also contain heart-healthy fats that prevent disease and promote muscle preservation.

Low Fat Nutrition Bars

When you’re on the go, it’s convenient to pack a low fat meal replacement bar in your bag. However, these bars always come with a nutritional compromise.  If a bar is low in fat, then it needs to add in tons of other ingredients to make it taste good. After all, you want to eat the ones that taste like candy, not cardboard.

Many companies use glycerin to bind the bar together. Glycerin is a fatty acid, but is not categorized under any of the 3 macronutrients: fats, carbs or proteins. So, when you read the label on your nutrition bar, it actually doesn’t list the true fat content. Your healthy alternative: other portable foods provide you with nutrients to fuel your day. Pack fresh fruit, veggies, and nuts in your bag to snack on during your busy day.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Many meal replacement shakes focus more on caloric deficit rather than providing you with a healthy meal alternative. These drinks are packed with sugars and hidden fats, along with other ingredients that offer no nutritional value.

Though drinking a shake that is packed with all the substitutions you need for a meal sounds enticing, nothing can replace whole foods.  These diet drinks that promise you weight loss actually leave your body starved for nutrients. Your healthy alternative: make a smoothie that blends low fat plain yogurt, fresh fruit, and skim milk if you are looking to stave off hunger pangs. 


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