5 Sports to which Medicine Ball Exercises Can Be Applied

Medicine ball exercises serve quite a number of purposes. They can build up your core muscles and improve your athletic performance as a result. However, there are a number of sports that medicine ball exercises are particularly suited for.

Sport #1: Golf

Golfers must have good strength in their legs and hips, in addition to stability in their core muscles. Failure to workout these muscles can lead to injuries to the back and other muscles, because during a swing, a golfer’s body weight is shifted to one side. This is the cause of back pain while golfing, and medicine ball exercises can help strengthen the muscles required to swing.

Sport #2: Baseball

Baseball players need to be able to quickly change directions at a moments notice. A full body workout using a medicine ball can help make the athlete more agile by teaching the muscles to act together in cohesion. In addition, baseball players need powerful arm strength for throwing the ball that medicine ball exercises can aid with.

Sport #3: Tennis

Like baseball players, a tennis player has a constant need to quickly be changing direction, requiring a body which is both agile and balanced. Working core muscles with a medicine ball aids in the strengthening of these core muscles. A medicine ball can be used to improve a tennis player’s serve. Using a medicine ball in this manner strengthens many of the tennis player’s muscles, including their glutes, hip flexors, lower back, abductors and hip rotators. Furthermore, tennis players can mimic their forehand and backhand swings by performing torso twists using a medicine ball.

Sport #4: Soccer

Medicine ball exercises can also be beneficial to soccer players. Soccer is a game of constantly unstable environment. Soccer players need to learn to balance and move around under the constant threat of tripping and kicking from other players. They play on the ground rather than a court, and it is important to know how to remain stable under multiple condition types. By working their core muscles using a medicine ball, soccer players can keep their power and balance despite all these changing factors. In addition, a medicine ball can be used to mimic a throw-in to improve a player’s power when performing this type of maneuver.

Sport #5: Combat Sports

Medicine ball workouts are traditionally used for combat sports, such as boxing, kickboxing, martial arts and wrestling. Medicine ball exercises are easy to learn and do, which is helpful to those in combat sports training. Combat sports already have many complicated maneuvers to learn, and providing simple exercises to train with can make it easier to learn all the moves. Medicine balls can easily be used to increase the intensity and velocity of training—vastly important for the speed at which combat sport athletes need to learn to react.


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