5 Side Effects of the Raw Food Detox Diet

As people become more conscious about their health, they become more aware of health trends like the raw food detox diet. Advocates of the diet claim an improvement in health, as shown through better skin, renewed vigor, improved digestion and better weight management.

Although body detoxification has its perceived benefits, if one does not proceed with caution, one puts herself at risk. The raw food detox diet even has a transition plan, so that a novice will experience less of the discomforts of the transition.

Side Effects and Health Concerns

Whenever one takes up a new diet, she should be aware of the pros and cons of her new eating plan. These are the usual side effects associated with the transition from a normal diet to a raw food diet. Take note that the change in the diet will have a direct effect on the natural physiology of the body (and will lead to these effects). These side-effects are:

1. Nausea

This will be more common as the body adapts to digesting new food. Since the body is used to cooked food, the tolerance for raw food will have to be built up. Nausea may be part of this adjustment. 

2. Dizziness

This can be true for a sudden dietary shift, as the brain reacts to a change in the nutrient profile of the body. The severe result of dehydration can easily be acquired; that is why it is very important to drink plenty of water.

3. Headaches

Headaches are also part of the short term adjustment the body endures. While suffering through the side effects, it is very critical that the person on a raw detox diet gets plenty of sleep.

4. Indigestion

Any rapid changes in a diet may cause gastro-intestinal discomfort, thus leading to indigestion. The same is true for the raw food detox diet. 

5. Mild Depression

The nutrient changes in the body will cause a change in physiology, particularly the energy level and in extreme cases, hormones. A drop in the energy level might make the person feel lethargic. Although extreme, hormonal shifts may also lead to depression.

Long Term Side Effects

If one does not proceed with caution, one might also inadvertently cause nutritional deficiencies in the body through prolonged raw food intake. This is also the same reason why raw food diets are not recommended for growing children, anemic people, people prone to osteoporosis and pregnant women.

It is generally recommended that a person consults with a doctor in order to maximize the benefits of a raw food detox diet.


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