5 Safe Massage Therapies for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is an unfortunate ailment that haunts a large majority of adults. They can be caused by a number of factors, including sleeping on a poorly constructed mattress or even stress. Remedies for lower back pain range from medication to surgery and everything in between. When it comes to relieving lower back pain, never underestimate the power of a good massage. A good, consistent massage can do wonders for lower back pain.

Massage involves manipulating regions of the body with pressure. Massage targets muscles, tendons, skin, joints, ligaments, connective tissues, lymphatic vessels, and even organs of the gastrointestinal system.

1.  Classic Massage (Swedish Massage)

During a Classic or Swedish massage, the affected areas of the back are massaged. The skin and muscles of the affected area are targeted. This type of massage uses long, continuous strokes. They include: sliding, kneading, tapping, friction, and vibration. Swedish massage has been proven beneficial to those suffering from joint stiffness. It also reduces pain and increases overall function.

2. Thai Massage

In Thai Massage, the limbs are pulled and stretched. Thai massage originated in India and is based largely on the techniques of yoga. This type of massage combines the techniques of a traditional massage with positions that resemble yoga poses during the massage. Research suggests that the massage, in conjunction with stretching, can be very beneficial in reducing or eliminating lower back pain. Thai massage is great for muscle relaxation, flexibility, increasing mobility, strengthening joints, and aiding in the treatment of chronic joint problems.

3. Acupressure

Acupressure involves applying pressure to certain points on the body. This type of massage is a form of traditional Chinese medicine, which was derived from acupuncture. During an acupressure massage, physical pressure is applied to traditional acupuncture points by means of using the hands, elbows, and other devices. Acupressure can help alleviate ailments including stress, tension, arthritis, and other aches and pains.

4. Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is used for treating chronic muscle pain. Deep tissue massage also works with muscle tightness, posture issues, and repetitive strains. The deep layers of the muscles and connective tissues are targeted during a deep tissue massage. The muscles in the back are worked by a massage therapist and the client may experience some soreness and discomfort a day or two after having the massage.

5. Sports Massage

A sports massage is an effective way of easing back pain or muscle strain caused by athletics or exercising. A sports massage can often help lessen the aches and pains of physical activity. Sports massage techniques promote relieving deep muscle strains and tightness. They also promote flexibility. While originally developed to help athletes prepare for competition, sports massages now emphasize prevention and injury healing. This type of massage stimulates circulation and lymph fluids; it also uses trigger points to break down knots in muscles and increase range of motion.


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