5 Risks of Rapid Weight Loss

You might be considering rapid weight loss solutions in order to see immediate changes in your body. Indeed, seeing yourself drop the pounds after just several days of dieting can be a wonderful experience. However, how long can you expect to keep the pounds off and just how safe is rapid weight loss? These are a couple of the controversies surrounding the many rapid weight loss solutions that are appearing in the diet industry. Medical professionals maintain that the safest way to lose weight is to drop no more than two or three pounds each week. Losing more would pose risks to the health and may result in gaining back the weight shortly. If you’re considering a rapid weight loss solution, here are some of the health risks that you should know about.

1. Formation of Gall Stones

Most rapid weight loss methods require you to fast or to severely restrict your diet. These sudden changes can cause your body to produce a higher amount of cholesterol while reducing the amount of bile salts in your system. This decrease in bile salts and increase in cholesterol results in the formation of gall stones – cholesterol buildup that takes on a solid form. Gall stones can cause painful attacks and can lead to further complications. The gall stones could clog up your bile ducts and can result in inflammation of the pancreas, gall bladder or liver. These complications may require you to undergo surgery in order to remove the gall stones.

2. Dehydration

Many dieters who try rapid weight loss solutions report successfully losing a significant amount of weight in as little as a week. What they don’t know is that most of the weight they have lost comes from their water weight. This is why dehydration is one of the health dangers you face when undergoing rapid weight loss. A healthy weight loss plan includes drinking plenty of water, and this is simply not advocated by many fast weight loss solutions.

3. Malnutrition

Many weight loss plans that promise rapid weight loss involve eating a severely restricted diet. Even though these restricted diets lower your daily caloric intake, they don’t necessarily provide you with your nutrient needs. This means that you’re depriving your body of certain nutrients that it needs for good health, and this can result in serious deficiencies in the future.

4. Muscle Tissue Loss

Another health risk that rapid weight loss advertisers don’t tell you about is that you may actually lose muscle tissue. When you deprive yourself of the calories needed to make energy, your body automatically turns to other reserves of energy. Even though your fat cells are considered as energy reserves, so are your muscle tissues. The change in metabolism caused by rapid weight loss can cause your body to digest the muscle tissues while the fat cells remain.

5. Risk of Eating Disorders

The desire to lose weight rapidly can lead to serious eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.

To make sure you lose weight without harming your health, opt for a safer weight loss plan that involves a balanced diet and regular exercise.


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