5 Reasons to Enjoy Fresh Summer Fruit

A juicy orange or a handful of grapes on a hot summer day is so refreshing that finding reasons to enjoy fresh summer fruit is easy.

Reason 1: It’s Delicious

Summer fruits have innumerable ways of being tastefully eaten. You might be saying to yourself, “Why summer? I eat fruit all year around.” That is true, but fruit at its core is seasonally grown…and tastes a little better after it has been grown and harvested in a natural setting. Many fruits come to fruition and tasty ripeness during the summer months, with strawberries or watermelon highlighting the abundance.

Reason 2: Healthy Eating

Nutritional value is key for a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) gives three reasons to eat fresh summer fruit and they are: the fruit is packed with vitamins, fiber, minerals and other essential nutrients, a diet rich in fruits will help fend off chronic diseases and finally, fruit are low in calories and taste great. How can anyone argue with that?

Reason 3: Fun with the Family

Summer is a time of picnics, barbecues and family fun around the dinner table. So fruits and their many uses, generally ranging from drinks to foods, can be a great way to have the family diet be both healthy and enjoyable. The attitude sometimes with children is that we must force a healthy diet. No forcing has to happen and shouldn’t because something like fresh fruit can add flavor and goodness to summer dishes. Kids love cut up cherries in their yogurt. Adding fruit to something else can definitely bring out the flavor.

Reason 4: The Best is Local and Organic

This reason has several implications. One being that it helps the local economy, but another is that you can probably go pick the fruit yourself. Going to a blueberry patch on a sunny, summer day and picking a basket full of berries is fun. This goes back to reason 3…summer fruits represent fantastic taste and fun for the family. Because the fruit may be local, it carries a feeling of extra freshness.

Reason 5: History

Fresh fruit was a delicacy when a ship would cross the ocean in search of new lands. It carried with it the nutrition needed for health and that desired quenching effect. The fruits of a farmer’s labor has been a key in every historical period. Good food makes for a good life.

In a nutshell, summer fruit is pure enjoyment. So enjoy this delicious treat while filling up on important nutrients!


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