5 Reasons the Baby Food Diet Is Not for Adults

The Baby Food Dietis another in a long list of diets people try to lose extra pounds. While, this diet is widely debated, one of the key questions is, is this diet really for adults? This diet is popular because it’s simple, the food is pure without preservatives and you can get organic, gluten-free varieties. There are also a number of reasons why this diet is not for adults and how using this diet might not bring the results you’re looking for.

1. Poor Nutrition

Baby food is designed for babies, generally 6 months to one yea in age. This means their nutritional needs are much different than an adult. Adult bodies require much more of the essential nutrients needed for a healthy body. Baby food is generally lacking fiber and even has low amounts of protein as babies don’t need high levels of this.

2. Cost

While baby food at first glance is cheaper than diet programs or other methods, calculate up how much you need to buy to feed an adult. It’s much cheaper to make it at home, but then you lose the portion control element which is part of what makes this diet popular.

3. Boring

As adults our palates are much more experienced than a babies and we are able to eat foods that are fattier, spicier and have more ingredients in them. Going back to a life of baby food will likely leave you bored and that will lead to binge eating. There are many varieties of baby food available, but the texture all remains the same.

4. Binge Eating

As with bland tasting, the severe portion control can also lead to binge eating. When you consider the size of a baby food jar, you can see how one to two jars for a snack or meal would not fill you up or satisfy your need for sustenance. When you’re hungry all the time you aren’t able to focus and that often leads to fast foods and high-carb foods as you look for instant energy and a quick solution.

5. Lack of Defined Instructions

Since the Baby Food Diet is fairly new, none of the specifics of the diet have been worked out. Without knowing the parameters of something it can be difficult to have success with it. There is nothing stating how many jars to eat or when and there is no recommended exercise or follow up routine. The diet is not for weight loss and only recommends it use for maintenance, which can also be confusing and misleading.

Fad diets will come and go, the important thing is to pick a healthy eating plan that is sensible, meets your nutrional needs and is back by your doctor. Exercise should always be a key part of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Moderation is the key to anything and if you feel you’re being deprived, it’s more likely your binge or eat items you don’t normally eat.


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