5 Reasons a Salsa Dance Workout Can Help You Lose Weight and Feel Sexy

Participating in a regular salsa dance workout can make you feel sexy and lose weight–although those two benefits aren’t necessarily mutually constitutive when it comes to salsa dancing. Salsa dancing is a two-person dance from Cuba that is celebrated worldwide for its sensual moves. Some participants call it the “dance of passion.” Engaging in a regular salsa dance workout can be a fun, exciting way to become more active. Here are 5 reasons salsa dancing can help you lose weight and feel sexy:

1. Expresses Passion

Easily one of the most sensual dance styles, salsa dancing is a dance between you and a partner of the opposite gender in which you move together across the dance floor in ways that invoke passion. Choosing your own romantic partner as your dance partner can add more intimacy to your relationship and make you feel sexy. However, you can meet a dance partner in a class and remain friends or even just co-dancers without complications. Just being able to experience the sensual dance can make you feel empowered and sexy.

2. Gets You Moving and Motivated

A crucial part of losing weight is frequent exercise. Any physical activity that can get your heart rate going safely and shape and tone your muscles can be beneficial for your weight loss plan. If you find the activity exhilarating, you’re more likely to have the motivation to complete your workout. A salsa dance workout will keep you motivated and excited week after week, all the while raising your heart rate and toning your muscles.

3. Boosts Your Self-Esteem

Another benefit of the salsa dance workout is that it boosts your self-esteem. As you watch yourself gradually improving at the craft, you’ll become more confident in your ability to conquer challenges. Having this confidence and feeling of self-worth can help keep you feel motivated to keep up with your diet and exercise regimen in order to lose weight. Self-esteem can also make you more friendly and more attractive to others, which will in turn empower you and make you feel sexy.

4. Burns Fat and Calories

A salsa dancing workout is an effective way to burn fat and calories. Because salsa dancing is so cardio-intensive and requires a lot of movement, you should burn an average of about ten calories per minute. A thirty-minute session can help you burn three hundred calories–an hour, six hundred. When you don’t have class, you can practice your routines at home even without your partner to keep burning calories every day of the week. Just be sure that you stretch before you work out and keep yourself hydrated.

5. Encourages Sexy Attire

While there’s no requirement that you have to don salsa dancing attire for your workout sessions, you can if you like and you most likely will if you wind up entering a competition due to all of your practicing. Salsa dancing outfits are bright, colorful, fun and festive. Wearing one, with your hair slicked back and a flower tucked into your lapel or hair, can make you feel sexy.


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