5 Pilates Abs Moves To Reduce Your Waistline

Joseph Pilates designed a series of non-impact exercises of which pilates abs are a part of. Pilates are also referred to as the physical and mind method of exercises to develop strength, balance, inner awareness, and flexibility. You can also use pilates to tone up the abs and reduce your waistline. The exercises listed below are targeted at the abs and back, and they will greatly help in achieving a slimmer waistline.

Exercise 1: Teaser

In this exercise you need to lie down flat on your back with your arms stretched out on the mat and over your head. Keep your legs straight and firm. Raise your arms while simultaneoulsy lifting your legs until your fingers point at your toes. Breathe out and slowly go back to the position you started from. Repeat this move 3 times.

Exercise 2: 100’s

Lie down on the floor with the face up and lift up the legs keeping them both together. Now lift your head and shoulders off the ground and keep the hands next to the thighs. Pull in the abs, while lowering the legs as much as possible, and retaining the back’s contact with the floor. Press your hands on the floor. Inhale and exhale to counts of 5 and do these presses with legs lowered halfway to a count of 100 presses.

Exercise 3: Leg Circles

Raise the right leg straight up while lying down on the floor face up. Keep the toes pointed upwards. Tighten your abs and circle the upraised leg clockwise 5 times and in the opposite direction the same number of times. Only the leg should move during this exercise. Repeat this exercise with the left leg and carry out 3 such sets.

Exercise 4: Tree Pose

Put your arms at your sides and the body in alignment with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Breathe in while bending the right leg and resting the heel on the inside of the left thigh. Balance yourself; push arms upwards while the palms touch each other. Without moving the hips press the knee back and hold this position for about half a minute. Repeat the exercise with the other leg and do 3 such sets.

Exercise 5: Plank

Lie face down with elbows on floor next to the chest. Rest the body on the elbows and do pushups, resting the body on the elbows or hands. Contract the abs and keep the body as straight as possible. Hold each position for half a minute and repeat as many times as you can. The exercise is best done if you use your toes to balance, but beginners can start on the knees and work up to the required position.

These exercises will tone up your abs and help you to reduce your waistline. Denise Austin Pilates® and Winsor Pilates® are prominent online sources that one can refer to for further help with pilates exercises. You can also buy a lot of pilates equipment and videos on the web, should you feel the need for this.


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