5 Myths about Weight Loss Belts

Many people who are looking to lose weight and slim down are considering trying out the weight loss belts they see advertised. These are electronic devices that are placed around the waist to facilitate weight Loss. The belt operates by vibrating the muscles in your stomach, and this aids in weight loss and in the tightening of your abdominal muscles. Your abdominal muscles will be made to work constantly once the weight loss belt is on. The belt sends electric current through your body which works to contract the muscles of the abdomen.

One of the concerns people have has to do with the effectiveness of these belts. There are many myths surrounding weight loss belts, and here are 5 of them:

1. Few Calories Are Burnt When Using the Belt

Although individual results may vary, the research has shown that wearing the belt will burn just as much calories as doing abdominal exercises. Using the belt helps in increasing your metabolism and the burning of fat.

2. Weight Loss Belts Only Work the Abdominal Muscles

Research has shown that these belts not only work the abdominal muscles, but also the hamstrings, quadriceps and the buttocks. These belts also help to improve the endurance, tone, shape and strength of the muscles.

3. You Can Get Shocked Using These Belts

Once again, the research and the testimonials of users suggest that it is very safe to use these belts. No one has reported or has shown to suffer any kind of electrical shock from using these belts. Once they are used in the right manner, little or no side effects will result.

4. The Only Benefits Are Weight Loss and Muscle Toning

The reports on weight loss belt are varied in terms of experienced benefits. Many people who use these belts claim to experience added benefits. These include the elimination of chronic back pain, improved cardiovascular strength, lowered blood pressure, rise in good cholesterol and a fall in bad cholesterol and stress release.

5. The Belts Can be Used with Any Other Electrical Health Device

It is important to note that a weight loss belt should never be used if any form of electrical health device, such as a pacemaker, is in use. Most weight loss belts use electrodes and magnets, which may interfere with the functioning of other electrical devices.

If you decide to use a weight loss belt, ensure that you read up as much as you can on the device and how it should be used and what you can expect from it. You should also check out the company and its history. Weight loss belts should be used as directed by the respective manufacturer and must be properly secured around your waist.


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