5 Myths about Weight Loss Belts

Many people are interested in weight loss belts. Losing weight is high up most people’s to-do lists, but it requires willpower and a lot of effort to do properly. Anything that sounds like a very easy way to lose weight instantly becomes extremely popular. Weight loss belts are marketed as an easy and quick way to lose weight, but do they really work?

Weight loss belts are normally made from neoprene which is the same material used in wetsuits. These have electrical contacts wired into them and will have a battery pack connected. The contacts stimulate the muscles which causes them to contract and relax. It’s this muscle stimulation which is supposed to tone muscles and lose weight around the waist. Here are a few myths regarding the effectiveness of weight loss belts: 

1. You Don’t Need to do Anything Else

The advertisements would have you believe that you can put on your belt and lose weight without doing anything else. Some people might even have a dream of being able to lose weight while watching TV. However, to stand any change of losing a significant amount of weight and toning your muscles you must do regular exercise. The weight loss belt itself will make much less impact than your exercise regime.

2. You Can Eat Anything You Like

Another common myth is that you can eat anything you feel like without putting on any weight. Just because you are wearing a weight loss belt it certainly doesn’t mean that you can forget about your diet. You still need to be careful and ensure that you are eating the right foods.

Make sure that you are eating a healthy balanced diet. This will provide your body with all the nutrients and minerals that your body needs to function correctly. The food will also nourish your muscles and help to tone them up.

3. Anyone Can Use Them

Many people believe that anyone can use these weight loss belts safely. However, the way that they work makes them unsuitable for many people. They use an electric current to artificially stimulate the muscles in your stomach. As electricity is used to stimulate the muscles the belts cannot be used by anyone who has a pacemaker. They should also not be used by anyone with heart problems.

4. They Can’t be Overused

Some people wear these weight loss belts for long periods of time. They do this to try and speed up the weight loss process. This isn’t a very good idea because the long-term effects of using these belts are not known. They artificially stimulate your muscles which is supposed to tone the muscles. However, if you use them too much then your muscles will become fatigued. Your body needs time to rest and repair itself which is why you shouldn’t use it every hour of every day.

5. They’re Easy and Quick

Losing weight quickly is never an option. If you were to lose too much weight too quickly then this would actually cause your body more harm than good. It could also result in saggy skin. Using a weight loss belt is not a quick way to lose fat and it’s certainly no substitute for exercise and a healthy lifestyle.


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