5 Makeup with Additional Skin Benefits

With all of the options in the cosmetics section of any drug or department store, finding makeup that provides extra skin benefits is easier than ever. In fact, it seems almost a waste of money to purchase makeup that isn’t working double time. The benefits range from sun protection included in the product to pimple fighting, oil minimizing and fine line reducing options that keep you looking younger, healthier and more beautiful.

1. Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is all the rage with a variety of high end products available, and an onslaught of drugstore brands providing the same benefits in a more budget friendly line. Mineral makeup is made with pulverized minerals, so it’s 100% natural – no chemicals. Minerals are naturally non-comedogenic, or don’t clog pores, so the makeup can even be worn to bed. Thanks to zinc being one of the minerals ground into the makeup, it naturally provides skin protection, therefore improving the future of your skin. Mineral makeup has also been known to even skin tone without irritating sensitive skin. Even people with rosacea claim to have enough coverage with mineral makeup.

2. Acne and Oil-Fighting Foundations

If you are acne prone, choose a foundation, consealer or powder that is oil free or boasts salycilic acid as an ingredient. Other key words to look for are dermatoligist tested and non-comedogenic. These statements ensure that your pores won’t be clogged by the makeup. The added salycilic acid helps to slough off dead skin and keep new skin regenerating for a healthier glow.

3. Conceal and Heal

Take those oil reducing benefits a step farther and grab a concealer with salycilic acid and dab on a zit to cover. The acid will penetrate and help to dry up oil and fight the bacteria beneath the skin while it covers the red mark. Almay offers its Clear Complexion Concealer with 1% salycilic acid. Revlon and Neutrogena also offer pimple fighting concealers, not to mention department store brands.

4. Plastic Surgeon In a Bottle

Many makeup lines boast a “mini-lift” or an alternative to plastic surgery. Skeptical? Probably, but the combination of amino-peptides, antioxidants and other chemicals, such as caffeine and green tea extract, have been scientifically proven to improve the look of your skin tone, reduce fine lines and a variety of other anti-aging benefits. Drug store brands, though higher priced than regular makeup, can provide major skin benefits at a relatively low price. The brands themselves even explain that the results are not like those going under the knife, but that the improved look of your skin may be just what you need to avoid more drastic measures.

5. Tinted Moisturizer

Move over foundation…tinted moisturizer has entered the building. This SPF rich makeup addition keeps skin soft and supple, fights fine lines and evens skin tone without the cakey look and feel of foundation. Drug store brands like Olay and L’Oreal offer tinted moisturizers with additional regenerating benefits as well.

With all the serums, lotions and powders out there, it’s hard to decide what product to buy to cure your skin woes. Why not get two for one with makeup that can help with your skin issues while it provides coverage?


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