5 Low-Sugar Desserts

Low sugar desserts are the key to satisfying your sweet tooth without risking the repercussions of unhealthy sugar consumption. Most people love to indulge in desserts, but if you’re on a diet or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it would be wise to avoid desserts that are high in sugar.

Most desserts, especially prepackaged ones, are loaded with sugar and usually don’t have a low-sugar counterpart. One way of reducing sugar without sacrificing taste is to use a sugar substitute. Splenda is the name of a commonly used artificial sweetener that is a great replacement for sugar.

Here are 5 examples of low sugar desserts sure to be enjoyed:

1. Fruit Smoothie

Fruit smoothies are an excellent choice for a low-sugar dessert. In order to make this dessert, all you need to have is fruit, ice and low fat yogurt, also don’t forget the blender. Combine these ingredients together to create a nutritious dessert that is low in sugar. Also, if you’re ever on the run and don’t have time to eat, this can be a great meal replacement that is satiating because of the high fiber in fruits.

2. Fruit

Fruit is a great low-sugar dessert that is low in calories and nutritious. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, grab a couple pieces of fruit and whip up a fruit salad. You will be able to enjoy a yummy dessert and consume loads of vitamins and nutrients. Another benefit is that it’s low in calories and will fit great into a healthy diet. So, grab some apples, oranges, strawberries and grapes and make this delicious treat.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent choice for a dessert, but just make to sure to consume the low fat kind to eliminate extra calories. Also, look for labels that advertise as low sugar because sometimes you may be surprised to find that many yogurts with extra toppings and ingredients are loaded with additional sugar. Indulging in yogurt has many benefits such as containing active bacterial cultures that aid in digestion.

4. Jello

Jello is a cheap and simple dessert that is satisfying to the palate. Make sure you eat sugar free jello to make this dessert more healthy. Adding fruit to jello puts a delicious twist on it and will have you coming back for more without worrying about the extra calories or sugars.

5. Sorbet

Sorbet is a great low to non fat dessert that’s a great low-sugar alternative to ice cream. This delicious delicacy is usually made of fruit puree and a sweetner. Sorbet doesn’t contain any animal fats so it’s usually lower in calories than other frozen fruit desserts. If you want to make this dessert yourself, you can replace the sugar with Splenda, which is a good tasting sugar substitute.

If you’re ever in the mood for something sweet, and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, try one of the desserts above. By making use of fruits and a healthy sugar substitute that agrees with your taste buds, you can partake in a wealth of low sugar desserts. Enjoy.


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