5 Interval Training Workouts

Interval training workouts consist of alternating periods of high intensity activity followed by low intensity activity. The high intensity period is known as the sprint and the low intensity period is known as the recovery. During a workout, these periods are repeated several times. It’s best to use interval training workouts in conjunction with continuous training workouts for optimum results.

Benefits of Interval Training Workouts

The benefits of interval training workouts are multiple. You will witness an increase in cardiovascular fitness and speed, the burning of more calories, an increase in your workout threshold and an increase in the duration of workout that you can withstand. You could also overcome your plateaus in weight loss.

1. Interval Training for Beginners

You can use a treadmill or any other exercise machine of your choice to alternate periods of highly intense activity with periods of low intensity activity, and change the settings on the machine to increase and decrease your level of comfort and stress. During the rest periods, the settings are lowered to a moderate pace. To take this workout to a higher level you can increase the duration of the workout and also the degree of difficulty.

2. Intensity Training 1

For this workout that involves both high intensity and low intensity periods, you should change either the setting of your cardio machine, the incline of your treadmill or the resistance of your bike, so that your heart and body are worked in a variety of ways. After a warm up period, you must increase the stress levels to a little higher than comfortable levels. This increase should happen every 15 seconds for 2 minutes. Then decrease your stress levels every 15 seconds for a period of 2 minutes. Finally, have 1 minute of very intense activity and 2 minutes of low intensity activity. You should attempt two such sets in order to complete the workout.

3. High Intensity Interval Training

These workouts are done by average exercisers and athletes to improve performance and enhance the muscles’ ability to burn fat. Very short periods of highly intense activity are alternated with longer periods of slow activity. The workout involves a 2:1 ratio where the recovery period is twice as long as the sprint period.

4. Sprint Interval Workout

You should warm up for 10 minutes for this workout and attempt four sets of sprints for 30 seconds each. Between the sprints, you should exercise at a moderate pace for 5 minutes. The sprint should be of extreme intensity. You can walk, run, cycle or use the cardio machine for this workout. This workout should only be performed if you’ve reached an intermediate or advanced level of exercise.

5. Aerobic Interval Workout

After warming up, you have to complete 10 sets of sprints. Each sprint should take you 4 minutes. The sprints should be of extreme intensity and the level of intensity should be maintained for all 4 minutes. Your periods of rest or low intensity activity should last you 2 minutes, after each set is complete.

Before you start any interval training workout, it’s essential to seek the advice of your doctor with regards to existing medical conditions and previous injuries.


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