5 Interesting Exercise Fitness Programs

There are so many interesting exercise fitness programs out there that it should be relatively easy to find something that you enjoy doing. Exercise is vital to your health and well being, and doing some form of physical activity just a few times a week can have tremendous results in both your figure and your mental clarity. Check out these ideas for your exercise fitness program, and begin thinking how you can get on the path to better health today.

1. Yoga or Pilates

Both of these strength building exercises are great for those that haven’t tried this kind of organized class before and are looking for a nice positive group environment. You can increase your flexibility and strength with just a couple weekly sessions, or split your workout between one weekly training at a nearby studio. You can also practice on your own 2 to 3 additional times throughout the week.

2. Dance Classes

Step into something totally new when you take a Island Rhythm or African Dance class. Or if you are feeling a little more risqué, there are many places that offer Cardio Striptease classes for exercise. Dancing is a relatively low impact exercise that not only burns calories, but also relieves stress and can boost confidence. Check your local community center or community college for class offerings, and begin dancing yourself thin in no time.

3. Water Aerobics

With many different kinds of classes available, water aerobics can be challenging and refreshing at the same time. Providing a mix of cardiovascular and resistance training activities (in both the deep and shallow ends of the pool), you can burn lots of calories in a short period of time and improve flexibility. It is also great for all age groups due to its low impact.

4. Tai Chi

This “soft style” martial art focuses on balance, body strength, and meditation, and it can be successful in helping you strengthen your body, without putting impact on your joints and muscles. Often taught at community colleges, Tai Chi can help with your mental focus and overall body strength when practiced regularly.

5. Walking Groups

There are many groups popping up around the country for walking training. These groups focus on improving your walking and endurance to walk in a marathon. You can enjoy the company of other women while getting in shape when you join one of these groups. By focusing on proper posture and use of arm and leg motion, these classes and groups will teach you how to effectively use your body to burn calories and lose weight.

Whether you choose a group exercise program, or choose to go solo at home or at the gym, choosing an exercise program that works for you is ultimately the most important thing. If you don’t choose something that keeps you motivated, your chances for stopping and resuming an inactive lifestyle are much higher. Try out some different things before you commit to any large package. Find that exercise program that interests you, and enjoy getting into shape!


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