5 Healthy Ways to Cook Potatoes

There are numerous ways for you to cook potatoes. The potato is a favorite vegetable for a great number of people. You can mash, boil or fry them in a variety of dishes. You also get fantastic nutrients in every bite. You’ll find numerous types of this vegetable in the grocery store. Idaho, baking and red potatoes are the most popular. Here’s a quick guide to cooking 5 healthy dishes using fresh potatoes.

Overview of the Potato

All potatoes have potassium, a very important nutrient needed by your body. Potassium functions as an electrolyte in your body. It works with sodium, calcium and magnesium to keep cells functioning properly. Potatoes are also rich in carbohydrates. These carbohydrates aren’t bad for you unless you add butter and other fattening toppings to the potato. The carbohydrates in potatoes make you feel full so that you eat less at meal time.

1.  Baked Potatoes

The baked potato goes well with all types of meat. It’s healthier to bake potatoes because you don’t need any butter or oils. You simply wrap each potato in aluminum foil and place them in the oven. When you bake potatoes, you leave the skin on. There are beneficial nutrients in the skin that you need, such as vitamin C.

2. Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Garlic mashed potatoes are a delicious way to spice up dinner time. You make garlic mashed potatoes by boiling cut up Idaho white potatoes in clean water. Leave the skin on the potatoes for more nutrients. After the potatoes boil, mash them in a bowl. You then add freshly grated garlic to the potatoes. You can add grated cheese as well. Fresh ingredients are better than processed foods, such as instant potatoes and jarred garlic in water.

Garlic has nutritional qualities that you may find beneficial for your health. Garlic is used to protect you from cancers, fight free radicals and prevent heart disease.

3.  Potatoes with Carrots and Onions

This healthy dish requires you to bake or broil red potatoes, carrots and onions in the oven. You need fresh vegetables for this dish. Cut up the potatoes and carrots into quarter sized bites. Slice the onion into rings. The only seasoning you need is extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil provides omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce heart disease. Pour a tablespoon of olive oil over the veggies and cover with aluminum foil. The vegetables will come out tasty and tender.

4.  Grilled Potatoes

Grilling is a popular thing to do during the summer. You can also grill potatoes by cutting them in half. Any type of potato is great for this recipe. Place the potatoes on the grill with aluminum foil. Sprinkle any low-sodium seasoning on the potatoes for flavor. Your potatoes will have a perfectly grilled taste.

5.  Sauteed Potatoes

This simple way of cooking potatoes is a great breakfast idea. Instead of having processed hash brown potatoes, make your own healthy home fries. All you need are small red potatoes, red and green bell pepper and onions. Dice all of the vegetables into small bite-sized pieces. Oil your skillet with extra virgin olive oil. Add the vegetables to the skillet and stir until tender. You can also add garlic to the dish.


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