5 Healthy Activities to do Outdoors

Keeping fit doesn’t have to be boring; there are plenty of fun things you can do outdoors to stay healthy. Here are just a few ways to remain active while enjoying the great outdoors.

1. Make a Splash

Swimming works and tones every single muscle in the body. If you own a pool, or have access to a local pool, lake, river or ocean, dive in! Not only is swimming great for body strengthening and toning, it is also fun. When using a treadmill or other exercise equipment, one tends to watch the clock and the time can seem to drag on forever. This is not so when swimming.  Most people will spend hours playing and swimming in the water without ever feeling like they are exercising.

2. Go on a Nature Hike

Few things work the leg muscles quite like climbing uphill; hence the large number of incline-style treadmills on the market. Hiking is a dynamic way to promote total body fitness, so find a partner, pack a lunch and some water, and head to a local trail or parkway.

Be sure to take your camera with you as well. In addition to thoroughly implementing every muscle in your body, you will also glimpse the serene beauty of nature.

3. Enjoy Playtime with Your Dog

If you own a dog, enjoy a vigorous daily romp outside with him. Chase each other around the yard, throw a ball or stick for him to fetch, get down on the ground with him and play tug-of-war; the possible activities to do with your pooch are endless. Not only will your body receive a strenuous workout, but your dog will thank you with his appreciation and excitement.

4.  Organize a Backyard Softball Game

Who doesn’t love heading outside with their family and friends to play a friendly game of softball? This is a super fun way to remain fit, as well as bring your loved ones together for some quality time.

You don’t have to play softball or baseball; there are plenty of other amusing group games to enjoy outdoors. You can set up a net or even run a string across the lawn and play an exciting game of volleyball or even badminton, or play a rigorous game of basketball if you have a goal.

5. Go for a Walk

One of the simplest ways to employ the great outdoors in your workout regimen is to go for a daily walk. Many people enjoy walking after dinner in order to burn some of the calories accrued during dinner. Regardless of what part of the day you choose, walking is widely known as a very healthy exercise method.

You may even choose to find a walking partner so you have company while walking. Another great attribute of walking with a partner is the accountability factor. You might not always feel motivated, so having a partner who will inspire you to walk every day is quite helpful. As you build strength and energy, you might even opt to work your way up to jogging or even running. If you possess enough stamina to do so, go for it!

These are just 5 outdoor activities that you can implement to keep healthy and fit. Be creative and find what you enjoy. The most important aspect is staying active, so get outside and have fun!


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