5 Healthiest Vegetables for Juices

Juicing is a simple and effective way of increasing your intake of healthy vegetables. Drinking 2-5 glasses of vegetable juice a day can help to regulate your weight and boost your energy and immune system. Although you may think that any and every vegetable is suitable to include in a juice recipe, the fact is that there are some that are better than others. While all vegetables do provide you with essential minerals, nutrients and antioxidants, nutritionally, and from a juicing standpoint, the greener the vegetable, the healthier it is for you.

Juicing for Beginners

It is no secret that the most popular and common vegetables for juicing include carrots and beets. However, these are not necessarily the healthiest vegetables to use. Carrots, beets, winter squashes and even eggplant may be delicious and versatile in recipes but they also have a high carbohydrate content which means they are packed with sugar. The rule of thumb is that the healthiest vegetables for juicing are leafy green vegetables but for juicing beginners, these may not be the most welcome taste-wise. And to prevent stomach upset it is best to begin with stomach-friendly vegetables such celery, cucumbers and fennel.


Low in calories and containing almost zero fat, red-leaf, green-leaf and romaine lettuce are healthy and welcome additions to your juicing grocery list. Packed with vitamins A, B, C and K and metabolism-boosting minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium, lettuce is an easily juiced health powerhouse vegetable with a mild taste.


Since it contains folic acid and vitamins B, C, E and K, spinach has always been associated with good health.Spinach also lessens the risk of cancer and cataracts due to its flavonoid and antioxidant, and it lowers the risk of heart disease.


Kale is another powerful and healthy vegetable that is rich in vitamins A, C and K, calcium, lutein and iron. Another reason why kale should be part of your juice ingredient list is that it is an excellent source of dietary fiber, which helps to regulate digestion and weight.

Mustard Greens

Like many other leafy greens, mustard greens have anti-cancer properties, protect against heart disease and can even help ease PMS and menopausal symptoms. They are right up there with the big players when it comes to vitamin and antioxidant content and are a good source of phosphorous, manganese, copper and fiber. These nifty greens have a low calorie content which makes them perfect for juices.


With practically zero fat, minimal calories, anti-inflammatory properties and a list of health-boosting minerals, cabbage is one of the best and healthiest vegetables to include in your vegetable juice.


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