5 Health Benefits/Risks of the Anti-Aging Diet

The anti-aging diet helps you to reduce your calories at your own pace by about 30 to 50 percent. You can do this by avoiding empty calorie foods and replacing them with foods that are high in essential nutrients, such as fruits and vegetables as well as fish and nuts. The only fluids allowed on the anti-aging diet are freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, water, black tea, and herbal teas. 


There are many benefits of the anti-aging diet when you allow your body to adapt to the diet by gradually reducing your calories over a period of at least 1 to 2 years.

Weight Loss: Naturally when you consume fewer calories you will lose weight. Additionally, this can help to boost your self-esteem.

Look Younger: The foods that are promoted on the anti-aging diet are high in anti-oxidants, which get rid of the free radicals that cause you to age faster. The foods are also high in natural oils that help your skin to shine and remain wrinkle free.

Prevent Diseases: The anti-aging diet can help you to ward off degenerative diseases by constantly cleaning the inside of your body and by keeping your immune system strong.

Longevity: Those who start the anti-aging diet in their mid-20s could very likely live to be 140 to 156 years old. This is simply because the body does not have to work as hard at eliminating foods from the body, and therefore is able to concentrate on keeping you healthy so you can live longer.

Boost Your Brain Power: Studies have shown that the anti-aging diet can help you increase your mental capacity, allowing you to focus more clearer, and remember more.


Food Cravings: The anti-aging diet is associated with food cravings, which may lead to food obsessions and binging. Binging is not healthy and may even contribute to aging, as it is stressful to the body.

Reduced Energy Levels: Naturally, you will have less energy as you are consuming fewer calories. If you are very active you may have to reduce some of your activities.

Loss of Muscles: The anti-aging diet also puts you at risk for losing muscle mass and strength. This could affect your job or other physical activities that demand a lot of strength.

Infertility: The anti-aging diet is a low calorie diet which will eventually result in a low body mass index (BMI). This may result in dysfunctional ovaries and infertility. It can also result in low birth weights or premature births. Therefore, if you are planning on becoming pregnant or are pregnant or nursing you should not attempt this diet.

Impair Physical Growth: The diet is not recommended for children or teenagers, as they need plenty of nutritious calories so that their bodies can grow and develop properly. Experts do not recommend the anti-aging diet to anyone before they have reached their mid 20s.

If you are planning on going on the anti-aging diet you should start the diet at a slow pace and gradually reduce your calories for maximum benefits of the diet. If you have any medical conditions, or are on prescription drugs you should consult with your doctor before starting the anti-aging diet.


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