5 Guilt-Free Beer Choices

The good news is that you don’t have to completely eliminate beer from your diet in order to lose weight. You simply have to make the right selections when choosing a light beer, to ensure you’re not packing on unnecessary calories. More importantly, you must drink beer in moderation, as the calories from each bottle, even the light ones, do add up.

Obviously, the term “beer belly” exists for a reason, and you don’t want your beer consumption to undo all your healthy eating efforts. At the same time, you don’t want to miss out on enhancing your social enjoyment, as a good beer compliments summer BBQs and other social engagements. In order to be a part of the party without packing on the pounds, consider trying one of these guilt-free beer choices:

1. Becks Premiere Light

Becks Premiere Light is one of the lightest options around, and a bottle of this beverage only equals 64 calories and 3.9 grams of carbs. This beer was even highlighted in the David Zinczenko book, “Eat This Not That: Supermarket Survival Guide,” as being a smart choice for the calorie conscious.

2. MGD 64

This Miller Genuine Draft brew also carries 64 calories a bottle, as the name suggests. While the taste of this beer might not be as rich as some other Miller varieties, you can indulge in two bottles of MGD 64, and still come in under the caloric amount of a regular Miller Genuine Draft (which delivers 143 calories). This is also an excellent choice if you are counting calories and trying to lose weight.

3. Amstel Light

Amstel Light is always a great option if you’re on a diet, as this popular beer tastes great and is readily available at most bars. A bottle clocks in at 95 calories and five grams of carbs, which puts it on the lower-calorie spectrum of beers. While it’s not as calorie-efficient as the two beers previously listed, Amstel Light is a great choice if they’re not available, and one bottle is sure to put your beer cravings to rest.

4. Budweiser Select

If Budweiser is your preferred brand of beer, it’s important to know that Budweiser Select delivers only 99 calories a bottle and 3.1 grams of carbs. This is comparably lower to Bud Light, which packs in 110 calories a bottle and twice as many carbs. However, if Budweiser Select is not being offered at your social gathering, opt for the ever-popular Bud Light, which still delivers 35 fewer calories that a regular Budweiser.

5. Corona Light

A Corona Light only contains 99 calories a bottle and 5 grams of carbs. Yes, there are lower-calorie options available, but sometimes you just need a Corona, and the light version clocks in at almost 50 calories less a bottle than regular Corona.

While these beer choices might be guilt-free compared to their counterparts, keep in mind that they still deliver close to 100 calories a bottle, and as mentioned, these calories quickly add up. Therefore, carefully monitor your beer consumption and try to limit yourself to one bottle per party. Savor every sip of your beer in order to enjoy your social event without destroying your diet. 


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