5 Fun and Easy Exercise Games

One way to make exercising fun is through exercise games. Research shows that one of the most effective approaches to having an individual stick to a healthy fitness plan is by making their workouts fun. By turning working out into a game, you will forget that you are working out and instead laugh and compete your way toward a better body. Here are several fun and easy exercise games that you can incorporate into your every day routine.

Exercise Game #1: Tag

This may be one of the simplest games ever played. It is one of the first games we learn to play as a child. Simply get a group together and play tag. Select one person to be “It” and everyone else tries to avoid this person. Similar activities include basic games like Duck-Duck-Goose and Monkey-in-the-Middle.

Exercise Game #2: Follow the Leader

With index cards, write a calisthenics activity on each card. Examples of calisthenics activities include jumping jacks, sit ups and push ups. On another set of cards, write the numbers 1 through 10. Each person in the group is given one calisthenic activity and one index card with a numeric number. One at a time, a person leads the group in performing the calisthenic activity for the number of times listed on their cards. Continue through the whole group until everyone has completed their activities.

Exercise Game #3: Obstacle Course

This is a fun fitness activity that can be played by only one person. Go to a local playground and set yourself up with an obstacle course. Spend five minutes swinging in the swings, making sure to really pump your legs. Then move onto the monkey bars and make yourself swing all the way to one side and then work your way back to the beginning. Consider skipping bars to increase the challenge. Build your upper body strength by climbing up the fireman pole. Work your way through the entire playground and finish by walking across the balance beam a few times. To increase the challenge, add exercises like push ups, jumping jacks, crunches and lunges between each piece of equipment.

Exercise Game #4: Capture The Flag

Divide a group of people into two teams, each with a specific territory. Each team will get a flag to place deep in their territory. Teams should wear different color shirts. It’s the aim of each team to try to steal the other team’s flag by running into opposing territory. If someone on the opposing team tags a person, then that person must return to their territory and start over.

Exercise Game #5: Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a low contact game that has two teams playing on a field similar to a football field. The field is divided into two sides, each with an end zone. Each team will try to pass the Frisbee up the field until they are able to pass the Frisbee into the end zone. No one is allowed to run with the Frisbee, it must be thrown. Play until a team reaches 11 points.


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