5 Foods to Stay Away from during Your Menstruation Cycle

The dreaded menstruation cycle has women everywhere lamenting the bloating, the tiredness, the crabbiness and the pain. The menstruation cycle is the female body’s natural process of preparing to create life. The cycle is different for each individual, but will still follow an expected time line of menstruation, follicular phase, ovulation and luteal phase. It is the approach and onset of the endometrial layer breaking down within the uterus during the luteal phase that the symptoms are at their worst. To avoid further pain and aggravation during this time, these five foods should be avoided:

1. Fast Foods

French fries, fried chicken and those juicy big burgers should be avoided because of the fats. Saturated fat causes the body to retain water, because it increases both the insulin level of the body and the sodium content. During the lead up to menstruation, the body is already bloated and fluid retentive. Adding to this by overloading on fatty foods will only compound the problem and result in feeling worse, plus it can bring about other problems such as skin blemishes and weight gain.

2. Salty Foods

This includes potato chips as well as pork cracklings, dried fish and even adding extra salt to meals. The reason is once again fluid retention. Salt naturally causes retention, but at those particular times of month it can be all the more prominent and uncomfortable. Even though fluid retention seems like a minor ailment, the truth is it can cause lethargy, coordination problems and pain.

3. Dairy Foods

Milk, cheese and their calcium richness is essential, but an excess during the lead up to menstruation can cause digestive problems to an already upset stomach. The excess hormones flowing through the body which cause menstruation can also cause chemical reactions to neighboring systems, in particular the digestive system. The hormonal chemicals cause gas and bloating and the cramps can cause vomiting and diarrhea. The consumption of dairy foods can enhance these symptoms threefold.

4. Sugar

Avoid high sugar foods such as candies and chocolate. This is bad news to sufferers everywhere, as the reliance on chocolate during menstruation is widespread. Sugar has an adverse effect on the body’s insulin levels, which again cause fluid retention. Sugar also causes mood swings as it gives the body a quick high, and quick highs are usually followed by resounding lows. The hormones during menstruation are already causing mood fluctuations, and adding sugar highs and lows is only going to create a vicious circle.

5. High Fiber foods

Cereals and high fiber fruits, while being important to the balanced diet, can cause excess cramping and diarrhea during the onset of menstruation. Considering the amount of cramping and pain already occurring thanks to the cycle, it is worth giving the brans and prunes a miss for a few days.


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