5 Foods to Avoid on the Eco Atkins Diet

Most people are familiar with the widely popular Atkins diet, though not as many people know about its vegetarian counterpart, the Eco Atkins Diet. Following the same eating plan that reduces bad cholesterol and carbohydrate intake, the Eco Atkins Diet focuses on vegetable proteins instead of animal proteins.

Eco Atkins Diet Basics

Developed to determine if a high protein vegetarian diet could promote weight loss, the Eco Atkins Diet follows the same ratio of protein and carbohydrates as the standard Atkins Diet, however, it achieves the high protein intake through soy and gluten consumption. In test groups, this diet has been very beneficial in losing a healthy amount of weight – about 2 pounds a week – and lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and trigliceride levels.

When following the Eco Atkins Diet, restricted foods include:

Restricted Food #1: Meat

The biggest difference in the traditional Atkins and the Eco Atkins Diet is the emphasis on meat. While the traditional diet supports heavy meat eating, the Eco Atkins Diet uses a variety of plant based soy products to obtain the necessary protein in the body. Susbstitutes for meat include tofu, soy burgers, soy beverages, nuts and cereals.

Restricted Food #2: White Bread

High in carbohydrates and low in nutrients, white bread is not allowed on either version of the Atkins Diet. The high starch content in foods like bread should be avoided for anyone trying to shed a few pounds.

Restricted Food #3: Rice

Another high carbohydrate food, rice consumption is restricted on the Atkins and Eco Atkins Diet. This filler food offers little nutritional value when compared with the vast nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Its inclusion in a diet simply adds to the overall calorie count, something that you will want to restrict when losing weight.

Restricted Food #4: Potatoes

Potatoes are a very high starch food that, when cut out of a diet, can help promote weight loss.

Restricted Food #5: Baked Goods

Laden with sugar and refined flour, baked goods should be avoided throughout the duration of the Eco Atkins Diet. Sweets and other baked items typically have lots of empty calories with little nutritional value and cutting them out of your diet can propel your weight loss to the next level.

While the Atkins Diet has been thought to help lose weight, its focus on meat eating has given it the reputation as not being very good for the heart. The Eco Atkins Diet tackles this head on by replacing the high cholesterol meat with plant-based options. If this sounds like a diet you would like to pursue, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor first to make sure that this is a good option for you. The Eco Atkins Diet is a great way to lose weight, but as a sustainable diet, it is much more difficult because of its food restrictions. Determine what your goals are for weight loss and make a plan that is best for you.


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