5 Foods to Avoid on the 3 Apple a Day Diet

The founder of 3 Apple a Day Diet found that dieters who ate an apple before every meal lost more weight than those who didn’t on the same diet. However, eating three apples a day isn’t going to help much if your diet consists of junk food. The 3 apple a day diet also recommends low-fat proteins and foods that are low on the glycemic-index. So what food should you avoid on the 3 apple a day diet? Foods that are high in saturated fats or contain refined sugar. Here are just a few:

Refined Grains

Refined grains include white bread, pasta, white rice, and any bread product that does not include whole grains. These foods are high on the glycemic-index and quickly turn into sugars when digested. They can cause spikes in your blood sugar levels and cause all sorts of health problems. In addition, they do not have much fiber, meaning that when you eat them, it does not give you as much fullness as you should be getting. It will also help you pack on additional calories.

The 3 apple a day diet recommends instead whole grains to replace refined grains. Foods such as whole grain bread, whole grain pasta and brown rice should replace those with refined grains. They will provide a whole lot more health benefits.

High-Fat Meats

Meats that contain lots of fat are high in saturated fat and not recommended on the 3 apple a day diet. The list of these meats includes bacon and sausage. Recommended are lean cuts of meat.

Poultry Skins

Like high-fat meats, chicken and turkey skins contain lots of saturated fats and should be avoided. If you eat chicken or turkey, trim off the fats and eat them without the skin. Once you do this, poultry is a great way to fill yourself up between meals.

Whole Dairy Products

Dairy products that come from whole milk are also high in saturated fats. Rather than consume whole milk products on the 3 apple a day diet, consider using products that come from skim or partially skim milk.

Refined Sugars

Refined sugars are quite the no-no on the 3 apple a day diet. These include items such as doughnuts, soda, candy and cookies. These foods are full of empty calories that offer no nutritional value. Doughnuts in particular are a double whamy. Not only are they high in refined sugars, but they’re also high in saturated fats. Eating just one doughnut can be harmful to your health—not to mention an entire dozen! Doughnuts are definitely a food to avoid on the 3 apple a day diet.

As for other types of foods that are high in refined sugar, sugar free alternatives such as diet soda can be considered. However, it is important to consume these products as you would any other–in moderation.


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