5 Foods that Help Prevent Dandruff

When you’re looking to prevent dandruff with changes to your diet, what you’re going to hear depends on who you talk to. Some people swear that diet does not affect the skin condition known as dandruff, where dead cells collect on the scalp and flake off over time, causing embarrassing drifts of particles on clothing. However, others, including some professional nutritionists and other scientists, believe that diet can have an effect on dandruff, as the body is largely responsive to essential ingredients that determine how we function day-to-day.

If you are looking for food choices that can help you from developing more of a dandruff condition, here are some of the popular choices for trying to curb your flakes.

1. Fresh Produce

Some nutritionists point out that since green vegetables and fresh fruits are high in a range of antioxidants, as well as minerals that encourage hair, skin and nail growth, a green diet can be good for preventing dandruff. Try to get a mix of vegetables and fruits that provide you with all of what is recommended for your daily diet.

2. Fish Oils

Fish oil has an effect on the texture or overall makeup of your skin. It can prevent the skin from excessively drying out, helping to limit dandruff. Fish oil now comes in easy supplements that you can take if you are not looking to cook up a flounder every night.

3. Non-Dairy Substitutes

Some food scientists are reporting that dairy foods are not great for people with a lot of dandruff. The combination of fats and other elements in whole milk and cheeses can intensify a dandruff condition. Try skim milk and non-dairy diet foods and see if it helps to clear up your dandruff situation.

4. Anything with Vitamin B

The vitamin complex known as vitamin B helps to provide the right conditions for healthy skin. This essential nutrient can be found in a range of foods, including some of the same fruits and vegetables that nutritionists would generally recommend for your daily meals.

5. Lean Proteins

According to some experts, in order to minimize dandruff, you want to get plenty of protein, which helps to build hair and skin, without a lot of the fat in red meats and other classic proteins. Examples of leaner proteins include fish, lean wild meats like elk or deer, and nonmeat proteins like eggs, beans and nuts. Finding good game protein choices is more than just a dandruff cure; it’s part of what a lot of health minded shoppers do every day. Put this strategy to use in your shopping cart, and you’ll be combating your dandruff situation, as well as contributing to better heart health and overall fitness.

The above are some of the most popular ways that you can use diet to help control dandruff, a somewhat common skin condition that can respond to changes in diet and lifestyle. For other more extreme cases, see your family doctor and get qualified medical advice about the best ways to control your dandruff long term.


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