5 Foods for Healthy Weight Gain

In most situations you do not want to gain weight, but if you have been struggling with sickness or disease, then you may be in need of some healthy weight gain. In order to gain weight, you simply start eating more calories, but for most, this is not as easy as it sounds; it is important to choose foods which are high in calories as well as in nutrients.

You may be surprised to discover that some of the same foods which are used to gain weight are also ideal during pregnancy as well as for weight loss. How is this possible? The reason this is possible is because all healthy foods help you to restore your body to a healthy weight. 

If you want to gain weight the healthy way, here are 5 foods to help you do so:

1. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are high in calories and essential fatty acids. They are also high in protein, which makes them a great substitute for meat. Meat is okay, but it contains a lot of saturated fats which you do not want in your body if you are trying to gain healthy weight. 

Some of the best nuts for gaining weight are:

  • brazil nuts
  • almonds
  • walnuts
  • peanuts
  • flax seeds
  • sunflower seeds

2. Avocados

Avocados are high in mono and polyunsaturated fats, which will help you to build muscle tissues and thereby gain healthy weight. They also contain many essential vitamins and minerals, and are high in proteins and nutritious calories. An average avocado contains up to 306 calories, so eating a few of these a day will help you to gain weight. Use them as a spread, in your salads and dips, as well as in your baking. 

Avocados are also ideal during pregnancy, and can be used for weight loss after giving birth.

3. Healthy Oils

Avocado and olive oils are also high in mono and polyunsaturated fats which will help you to restore your healthy body weight. These oils do not contain cholesterol, so you can add them to your diet without hesitation. Use them in your salad dressings, marinades and pastas, or substitute with them in your cooking and baking.

4. Bagels

Choose bagels which are made with whole grains rather than with white flour. Bagels are a good source of carbohydrates and will give you the energy to carry on with your daily tasks. Lightly toast and dip them into a healthy oil and eat as is, or choose a light cream cheese or mashed avocado as a healthy spread.

5. Fruit Juices

Drink lots of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices made right in your own kitchen. They contain many essential vitamins and minerals which are essential to your body. Substitute these for your sodas and even for some of your water, as they contain many healthy calories which water does not.

Eating extra meals and snaking throughout the day will also help to gain healthy weight. Never allow yourself to go hungry, but always keep a small bag of your favorite nuts or seeds close by to avoid this from happening. Once you figure out what you should eat, you will begin to see positive results after a week or so.


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