5 Flexibility Exercises While Doing Household Chores

Think you don’t have time to build flexibility because you have too many chores? Think again! There are plenty of ways to work on your flexibility without having to take time out of your day to do it. Simply perform these five flexibility exercises while doing household chores and you’ll find yourself bending, reaching and twisting like never before.

Hip Flexibility

Do your hips feel tight or stiff? You can loosen them up and build your flexibility while folding your clothes or going through your sock basket. Simply sit on the floor with the bottoms of your feet together while your legs rest gently. Remain in this position while you go through your clothing or socks and continue breathing consistently. Situate your basket of clothing at arms distance in front of you so you have to gently lean forward to reach your clothing. Doing this just a few times a week can ease tension in your hip flexors and stretch those muscles that feel tight or uncomfortable.

Leg Flexibility

Using the same idea of stretching your hips while folding your laundry, you can give your legs a good stretch by sorting your laundry while sitting in a straddle. Again, place your basket in front of you at arms length so you have to bend forward to reach it. Remember to keep your back straight while performing this stretch to truly work those hip and leg muscles. Also, avoid injury by only stretching until you feel slightly uncomfortable. No stretch should ever be painful.

Back Stretching

A great way to stretch your back and increase flexibility in your quads and calves is to do bending exercises as you empty and fill your dishwasher. Each time you bend down toward the dishwasher, keep your legs straight and use the muscles in your back and shoulders to reach down toward your toes and pull yourself back up again. Remember to breathe consistently while doing this exercise to avoid getting dizzy.

Arm Flexibility

Your shoulders and arms are constantly being used to lift, carry and reach different places as you do your chores. A good way to increase flexibility in them is to practice stretching while you dust and clean. As you dust your ceiling fans, bookshelves or other high places, concentrate on using the mobility in your shoulders and upper arms rather than your back muscles to do the work. If performed correctly, you will feel the stretch in the side of your torso when you reach your arms up high.

Torso Twists

Feeling stiff in your torso? As you vacuum, use your momentum to perform controlled twists from your core. Instead of exerting your arms’ energies, let the motion come from your torso to allow you to stretch and twist. You’ll feel stronger and have more flexibility in your hips, abdomen and upper and lower back from this simple exercise.

Don’t let your daily chores steer you away from gaining more flexibility in your body. Follow these simple steps while getting your tasks done and you will find yourself more flexible in no time!


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