5 Fitness Training Books Worth Reading

There are countless fitness training books on the market that can provide you with some insight on what you should be doing to make the most out of your fitness training routine. While all of them cover the basics of strength and fitness training, not all are as interesting or trustworthy as others. Here are some of our favorites worth reading:

1. “Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training” by Mark Vella

This book in an in-depth look into the human body and how it works. Offering 90 exercises grouped by body region, this book covers machines, free weights, stretching, yoga, and Pilates. It is a serious must-read for people interested in how their body’s muscles and tendons work together to strengthen the body. Anatomical illustrations, paired with instructions on execution and technique, make this book a great addition to your fitness library.

2. “Strength Training for Women” by Joan Pagano

Written by a personal trainer (with nearly two decades of experience helping women improve their lives through fitness), this book has fast become a resource for women of all ages seeking to improve their overall health. She stresses the use of everyday items, like chairs and walls, to aid in exercise, and none of her beginner exercises require anything but those simple objects found in any home (making it very accessible for anyone). For more advanced exercises, she also includes a section that employs the use of free weights, stretch bands, and stability balls. The exercises are easy to follow, and the book focuses on strengthening the entire body.

3. “Lean, Long & Strong: The Six Week Strength Training, Fat Burning Program for Women” by Wini Linguvic

This book provides the exercise routines for a six-week program (of 12-minute resistance workouts), combining Yoga and Pilates exercises. It covers basic, intermediate, and express workouts, and it also focuses on nutrition and changing the way you think about your body. This book is great for beginners interested in starting a strength training program, and it allows you to get your training done quickly and efficiently.

4. “101 Ways to Work Out with Weights: Effective Exercises to Sculpt Your Body and Burn Fat!” by Cindy Whitmarsh

This book targets working out with dumbbells for women. It focuses on exercises for lower and upper body that can be easily done at the gym or at home. Focusing on how strength training can improve your metabolism and build bone strength, it provides a great basis for women looking to improve or begin a weight training routine.

5. “The Portable Personal Trainer: 100 Ways to Energize Your Workouts and Bring out the Athlete in You” by Eric Harr

Written by a personal trainer and Iron Man triathlete, this book provides 100 tips and inspirational strategies on how to improve your performance in your fitness training. With an emphasis on aerobic activity, this book is great for anyone seeking general fitness information, and it uses a “keep it simple” approach to both supplements and exercise gadgets.


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