5 Factors that Contribute to Belly Fat

If you are dealing with belly fat that you’d like to get rid of you are not alone. Having extra flab in your stomach prevents you from wearing specific types of clothing like swimsuits, midriff blouses or tight-fitting tops. It can also affect your confidence and self-esteem. If you wish to get rid of your belly fat then you might want to start by learning about the factors that contribute to the flab in the first place. Knowing the things that cause belly fat will help you understand the problem more and gives you a better chance of solving it. Lack of exercise and overeating are the usual culprits of belly fat, but here are some other factors that you might not have known about.


It’s a known fact that the body’s metabolism slows down as you age. For women, menopause is particularly a crucial transition because of all the bodily changes that come with it. During the stage of menopause, the body tends to store fat in various areas of the body and in many cases, the excess fat is stored in the stomach.


Stress and belly fat may seem like two completely unrelated things, but the fact is that stress plays a big role in the development of tummy flab. When you’re feeling anxious and restless about a deadline at work, a fight with a loved one or other stressful factors in your life, your liver tends to compensate by producing high amounts of sugar that cause hunger pangs. This explains why you may tend to feel hungry when you are under stress. And unfortunately, if you are a stress eater then you probably reach for not-so-healthy foods to calm your emotions and your  stomach.


If you’re wondering why your best friend can eat buckets of ice cream without gaining weight while it seems you get tummy flab by eating just one peanut, then the answer you’re looking for lies in genetics. Body shape and fat storage are pretty much dictated by your genes. People who tend to easily gain belly fat usually fall under the “apple shape” body type. This means that when you gain weight, a lot of it goes into your middle section. One way to know if you have the belly fat gene is by looking at your other overweight relatives. Are they carrying most of their heft in the middle?


When you eat foods that prevent proper digestion, you tend to experience gastrointestinal problems like gas and bloating. Bloating can contribute to belly flab. If you have tummy flab you may also experience regular bloating and indigestion.

Eating Late

Midnight snacks or eating close to your bedtime is a habit that causes numerous negative effects. Not only does late-night eating prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, but it also prevents the food you eat from being properly digested. If you feel hungry before bedtime, try to eat something light and healthy like a handful of nuts or a small piece of fruit.



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