5 Factor Diet vs. 5 Factor World Diet

The 5 factor diet and the 5 factor world diet were both created by the same person, Harley Pasternak and was designed with celebrities in mind at first. The idea was to find a diet that would fit into a celebrity’s busy day. The whole system is based around the number five.

The Plan

The 5 factor diet and the world version both work on the same basic plan:

  • 5 week plan – This plan is designed to be done over a 5 week period and is designed to give you noticeable results in that time frame.
  • 5 meals a day – Eating 5 meals a day wards off huger which in turn removes the feelings of cravings normally associated with a diet. This also keeps your metabolism high so you burn off calories faster then normal.
  • 5 ingredient meals – There are hundreds of recipes available to people who are on this diet and they are all related to 5 ingredients only per meal. The less you have going into the food, the more control you have in your diet.
  • 25 minute workouts – Working out more often and in shorter durations has been shown to have a massive effect when coupled with this type of diet. Since this was designed with busy people in mind, a short but targeted regimen fits perfectly into this diet plan.
  • 5 cheats days in 5 weeks – One of the biggest hurdles in a new diet is overcoming cravings and a lack of some type of reward system. The 5 factor diet allows you to have one day a week to cheat a little as this type of allowed cheating actually promotes healthier eating the rest of the time.

This is the 5 factor diet in a nutshell. 5 weeks, 5 meals a day, 5 ingredients per meal, 25 minute daily workouts and 5 cheat days. The specifics of the plan include what types of workouts, hundreds of recipes and suggestions on what to eat and not to eat even on cheat days.

The 5 Factor World Diet

The 5 factor world diet is virtually the same as the 5 factor diet. The only difference is the food choices. In the word diet version, those following the plan can choose from a wider variety of foods from all over the world. Specifically, it includes foods from the ten healthiest countries in the world. With the 5 factor world diet you may be eating a French dinner, an Italian lunch, Japanese breakfast and Swedish meatballs for a snack.

Essentially, it’s up to you to select which diet is best for you, based on your eating habits. The 5 Factor Diet or the 5 Factor World Diet. Both run on the same basic principals, but the world version includes foods and recipes from all over the world.


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