5 Fabric Patterns that Make You Look Slimmer

Dressing yourself in fabric patterns that make you look thinner is a great way of boosting your self-confidence while you work on getting down to your ideal size. When you’re shopping for clothes, some fabric patterns are the best for visually slimming you down.

1. Plain Colors

As far as slimming patterns go, you can’t beat plain colors. Bright colors spruce you up and of course, black is slimming. Plain colors work even better to make you look thin when they’re matched with a decorative pattern, so wearing a nice button-up shirt or polo with well-tailored jeans or black pants will do a lot as far as making you look thin.

2. Diagonal Stripes

Diagonal stripes do a lot for guiding the eye. In particular, diagonal stripes that lead to the center of your body create a wraparound effect that makes your midsection look thinner. Try thick stripes as well as thin stripes to see which ones make you look the best – it’s different for every woman! For some women, thick stripes can be overwhelming and look too busy. However, thin stripes on other women can be too small and make them look larger than they really are.

3. Vertical Stripes

If you want to trick the mind into believing that you are taller and slimmer, you need vertical stripes. While horizontal stripes draw the eye across, making you appear wider, vertical stripes do the opposite. They pull the eye up and down, creating the illusion of height. They emphasize your height and downplay your width. Be sure that your vertically-striped clothes are tailored to fit you perfectly; too tight or too baggy can create lumpy or uneven stripes that just make you look disheveled instead of thin and composed. Button-up shirts with vertical stripes or pinstripe pants are two great ways of working vertical stripes, but don’t use them together. If you have one piece on that has vertical stripes, be sure that the top or bottom you’re wearing it with is plain.

4. Soft Fabric Patterns

While bold patterns are to be avoided if you’re trying to slim down, soft and easy-on-the eye fabric patterns are highly recommended. Keep the patterns small or medium sized; anything too large can be overwhelming or create the appearance of largeness on you. Choose something with mild, aesthetically-pleasing colors, rather than bold or clashing colors. If the colors are similar to each other, they work well to disguise any problem areas and create the illusion of smoothness on your body.

5. Embroidery

Picking a shirt with embroidery down the center or around the hems helps distract the eye from bulges or problem areas around your midsection. Embroidery can be as decorative as a complex design around the edges of a shirt or pair of pants, or it can be as simple as a bold line of color around the cuffs of a shirt. It can pull an outfit together and make you thinner and more composed.

Keep these fabric patterns in mind when you’re shopping for your next night out and you’ll be sure to pick an outfit that makes you look and feel great!


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