5 Eco Swimwear Brands for Your Budget

Swimwear is an essential part of enjoying summer days on the perfect white sand beach. In a continuing effort to preserve the planet’s beaches, more people are trying to find eco-friendly swimwear.

There are a lot of eco-friendly swimwear choices on the market nowadays. Designers use everything from organic cotton to recycled bottles to lower carbon footprint and provide consumers with more choices in swimwear. But is eco-friendly swimwear affordable? Surprisingly enough there are some companies that offer not only eco-friendly but also budget-friendly and fashionable swimwear.

1. Aaron Chang

Aaron Chang International (ACI) came up with their first swimwear collection in 2008. The main idea behind their swimsuits is to use as many recycled materials as possible while at the same time using fewer resources in manufacturing, thus reducing air pollution and waste. Aaron Chang uses recycled plastic bottles from landfills to create polyester material using their exclusive technology.

ACI uses organic cotton in their designs as well. Aaron Chang bikinis can be bought from $29.99 to $57.50.

2. Eco-Panda

Since the summer of 2009 Eco-Panda has been presenting its swimwear on the market. This company uses nylon from old discarded fishing nets to make their swimwear. Their unique manufacturing process allows swimwear to serve 3 times longer than regular spandex/nylon swimsuits and cuts greenhouse gas emission by 27%. Eco-Panda has plenty of choices to satisfy any taste.

Eco-Panda bikinis and one-piece swimsuits retail from $29.99 to $58.

3. Meadow

Meadow uses organic materials like hemp, bamboo, soy and organic cotton in their sophisticated designs. All swimsuits are manufactured in Miami by local workers. Meadow offers different styles of swimwear, from bikinis to one-pieces, so you can choose the swimsuit according to your level of confidence.

Meadow swimsuits begin at about $60.

4. Deux FM

Deux FM is the brain child of Anna Gilkerson and was established in 2006. This company is based in Canada and all manufacturing is done locally. For her swimwear Anna uses organic cotton, soy and recycled fabric. Her designs vary from classic to modern understated.

Deux FM swimsuits prices are in the range from $48 to $78.

5. Nikster

Nikster positions itself as an environmentally conscious company, using strictly organic materials such as cotton, bamboo and sustainable soy for their swimsuits. Their sexy designs are accentuated with bamboo rings, shells, coconuts, stones and other organic materials from all over the globe. Recently, Nikster relocated their factories to the United States, which lowered their carbon footprint. This company is well known for its charitable donations and contributions to good causes such as saving the sea turtles: Five percent of any Nikster purchase you make will be donated to these causes.

The cost of Nikster bikinis and monokinis varies from $58 to $160.

As you can see, there are many choices for the environmentally conscious consumer. Whatever your budget and taste is, you can find a suitable eco-friendly swimsuit that will show off your body in unique and flattering way.


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