5 Drills for Soccer Fitness Training

Soccer is one of the most physically demanding sports. The soccer fitness training involved in soccer keeps players in optimal shape. It is possible to take this training outside of the soccer realm to get any able-bodied person into the best shape of his or her life. Soccer can dramatically enhance a person’s endurance, agility, flexibility and strength. Here is a list of 5 drills for soccer fitness training to get you in tip-top shape.

Triangle Run

A triangle run involves running from one point to another, in the shape of a triangle. Three points – forming a triangle – should be marked using cones, or any other highly visible objects. While dribbling a soccer ball, run around each cone continuously. This can also be done without a soccer ball by simply sprinting as fast as possible from one point to the next. Alternatively, a rectangle shape can be used instead of a triangle. The goal is to do some jogging or running to build up endurance.

Penalty Box Run

This drill is similar to the triangle run, except that the penalty box on a soccer field is used for points of reference. Begin by standing in the middle of the penalty box. Sprint to one corner of the penalty box, then back to the middle penalty spot where you first started. Repeat this on the next corner, and the next. Continue these sprints until you’ve covered all four corners about five times each.

Uphill Sprints

Sprinting up a hill helps to develop incredible power. Try to do between five and 10 uphill sprints, depending on the length of the uphill run. At first, it will be incredibly difficult, and almost painful. Even after as little as one week of this type of exercise, a difference in endurance will be noticed. It will become easier after a little while, so it is important to stick with it.

Slalom Runs

Set up two separate lines of cones, each consisting of about five to 10 cones. The distance between the two lines should be about five to 10 feet, and the distance between the cones in the same line should be spaced about five feet apart. Dribble a soccer ball around the cones one at a time, alternating between the two lines. For example, dribble the ball around one cone, then dribble the ball around the opposite cone in the adjacent line. Continue to alternate between cones until you have run around them all. This can be repeated about five times.

Possession Game

This drill requires at least one partner to participate. This is basically a smaller simulated soccer game where you can play one on one, or two on two. One party starts off with the ball, with the goal of scoring on the opponent’s net. Possession should be alternated accordingly, especially if one player is more skilled than the other. This drill only takes a few minutes to get each player’s heart rate rising!


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