5 Different Types of Henna Dye

Henna dye has been around for hundreds of years and has been used to dye the skin and hair of many people from around the world. Henna is found in places like Africa, Asia and the Middle East. When it comes to henna tattoos, African countries tend to keep designs big and bold with large shapes. Middle Eastern and Indian designs are very intricate focusing on many details and ornaments. No matter where the location, henna dye is a great alternative to permanent tattooing. Henna is consistently increasing in popularity and is now the choice of many people when it comes to getting temporary tattoos and hair dying. Henna is created from ground up dried leaves and the powder is mixed in various ways to get the desired type of paste. There are different types of dye ranging from black henna to herbal henna. Here are five different types of henna dye. 

Black Henna

Black henna is henna that manufacturers have added black dye to in order to create darker tattoos or black hair color. Para-phenylenediamine is the chemical that is used to make henna black. This can be very dangerous to the skin as it is known to cause blisters, sores, and scarring. Some black henna can be harmless while others can be very harmful. Henna is very safe and natural but when adding black dye to the henna, there is a risk of skin problems. It is advised to just stay away from black henna altogether.

Red Henna

Red henna is used often to dye hair. It is a great natural alternative to regular hair dye, but it is important to know that not everyone’s hair will turn out exactly the same since the dye is a natural product. Your hair color will come out some shade of reddish-orange depending on the darkness of your original hair color. It is also known to leave your hair feeling thick and silky.

Natural Henna

Natural henna is most commonly used for temporary body art. It is also used for hair conditioning and dying. If you use natural henna to dye your hair, expect a rich dark brown shade as a result. It will leave your hair full of strength and shine. When used for temporary tattoos, natural henna will leave a brownish orange stain on your skin in the desired design. How dark the henna will appear depends on the kind of natural henna used as well as how long it was left on the skin to stain.

Herbal Henna

Herbal henna is also used for staining the skin for temporary tattoos as well as a treatment for the hair. This type of henna is known mostly for its medicinal properties. It is great for promoting hair growth, curing scalp disorders and giving the hair natural strength and life. It leaves behind a rich reddish-brown color, so be sure you want this color before proceeding on with use. So if you are looking for a dye that will leave you with a rich color and soothing scalp relief, herbal henna is the perfect choice. 


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