5 Dangers Of Diet Pills

Diet pills may help you drop the weight quickly, but there are several dangers of diet pills that you should know before you commit to taking them. Here are 5 dangers of diet pills:

1. Severe Side Effects

Depending on the ingredients, side effects from diet pills can range from:

  • high blood pressure
  • liver problems
  • heart problems
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • breathing problems
  • increased heart rate
  • addiction
  • stomach pain

If the potential side effects are worse than the problem, you may want to consider taking the medication.

2. No Weight Loss

Many diet pills such as Chitosan, Hoodia and Chromium are listed by the Mayo Clinic as unlikely to cause to weight loss or not having enough evidence to support their claims. Many of the herbal pills have no side effects, but also have no point. Your money would be better spent on improving your nutrition and buying fitness gear.

3. Not Regulated

Any diet pills sold as health supplements are unregulated by the FDA, with the exception of some restrictions on the advertising claims. Many diet pills have been recalled after adverse effects have been experienced by consumers.

4. Vitamin Deficiency Risks

Many vitamins such as A, D, E and K are fat soluble, meaning they are digested with fat and stored in your body fat and liver. Diet pills can block the adsorption of fat, and these vitamins can he excreted from the body instead of used.

5. Digestion Problems

Fat blocking pills can cause gas with discharge, oily stools, loose stools, pains in the digestive area and other gross side effects. Proper digestion is essential, and these side effects will not feel good or healthy in any way.

These side effects are less flattering than hard work and changes to your diet. Look at your options and the side effects of your prospective diet pills, and make a choice that works for you.


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  • Hope Duchaine

    I was wondering if diet pills have “speed” as their ingredient. A friend says that diet pills today have “speed” in them today. I say that the law has done away with it because of addiction.
    Who is right??”

  • Hope Duchaine

    I believe that diet pills are a lot different today than they used to be. There are more pills with herbal ingredients than there used to be. I’m glad that the ingredients are a lot less addictive than a long time ago.

  • jael

    I had a history of taking diet pills. in the past I have taken them but never did nothing to me . diet pills are my coping skills when I am stress out or are a trigger
    to me . this past weekend I bought diet pills and had to go to emergecy for it because I didn’t feel to good.

  • L

    “If the potential side effects are worse than the problem, you may want to consider taking the medication.”

    LOL! I think you meant to say “re-consider”. Great article though!

  • Wanda Harris

    I don’t drink soda, eat sweets and I do not eat very much. I normally eat less than 1,000 calories daily. I just turned 51 and I am gaining weight like crazy. I am thinking about trying Avesil, however, I do not see anything about it on your web page. What do you think