5 Components Of Physical Fitness

If you know the components of physical fitness, you are more able to give a definition of what being physically fit means. These components can be used as gauges, to see what areas you need to concentrate on more to become fit.

1:  Cardiovascular Fitness

The cardiovascular system consists of the heart and the blood vessels. It supplies oxygen and blood to our entire body, even while working muscles during an extended period of time. Aerobic conditioning is the best way to help your body build a better cardiovascular condition. These types of exercises can include:  dancing, running, biking, playing sports, or any other type of extended activity that gets your heart pumping.

2:  Muscular Strength

When you have muscular strength, your body has the muscular force to exert against heavy resistance. In everyday life, this can mean you have the ability to lift and carry things as needed. Muscular strength can be built through weight training and some specialized strength training exercises.

3:  Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance is the ability to use a muscle or muscle groups for an extended period of time. These muscles may be used by moving in a repetitive motion, or by standing in a certain pose for a period of time. You can improve your muscular endurance with a variety of exercises, or a combination of exercises that included aerobic exercises, weight training, strength training, and yoga.

4:  Flexibility

Flexibility is based on the length a certain muscle, or group of muscles, can stretch. When you have good flexibility, you can move your joints and muscles in a full range of motion. You can achieve better flexibility through a variety of stretching exercises, including yoga.

5: Body Composition

The last component of physical fitness is your body composition. This is the amount of fat your body carries versus lean muscle. There are several tests that can be used to measure this amount. The easiest may be the circumference test, where a tape measure is used to measure certain areas of your body. However, this may be the least accurate test.

Once you begin practicing all the components of physical fitness, you should be seeing results in your body. You should be slowly losing fat and gaining lean muscle. You also need to make the right nutritional choices as you are exercising. You need to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and proteins to keep your body strong. If you do not give your body the food it needs, it won’t have the energy to perform the exercises. Once you begin to combine all the components, on a regular basis, you look and feel physical fit.


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