5 Common Mistakes when Shaping Eyebrows


Shaping eyebrows is an important part of a lot of woman’s beauty routine. Unfortunately, many women make common mistakes when trying to shape their eyebrows. The good news is that these mistakes can be easily avoided once you know what they are. If you feel that the shape of your eyebrows isn’t quite right, read through these 5 common mistakes to see if your eyebrow shape fits into one of the categories.

1. Too Much Space

Removing too much hair in between the eyebrows is a mistake that many are guilty of. A lot of men even fall into this category. This mistake is usually the result of using a razor to remove excess hair between the brows. To avoid this look, use tweezers or wax to remove only the stray hair that grows between the sides of the nose. To see where the brows should begin, hold the edge of a tongue depressor or other straight object along the side of your nose up to the eyebrow. You can safely remove the hair inside of this point.

2. Sideways Commas

An all too common look is the comma eyebrow. The comma brow doesn’t flatter anyone because it’s a very unnatural look. The comma eyebrow look is the results from removing too much hair when trying to shape the eyebrows into an arch. The eyebrows should slope into a gradual arch with most of the hair being removed from underneath the area above the outer edge of the iris.

3. Too Short

Eyebrows that seem to stop short are the result of another common mistake that people make, removing too much hair from the outer third of the brow.  The eyebrows should extend out past the outer edge of the eye. To see where your eyebrows should end, take a tongue depressor and hold the edge against the side of your nose and angle it to the outside of your eye up to your eyebrow. It is safe to remove the hair past this point.

4.  Semi-Circle Shaped

Eyebrows that are arched into a semi-circle have an unnatural clown-like appearance. This look is the result of removing too much hair from the first third of the eyebrow and creating an arch at the half point instead of at the outer third of the brow.

5. Too Thin

Tweezing or waxing brows to the point that they are pencil thin is a common mistake that a lot of younger girls seem to make. They are probably going for a sophisticated look, but end up with eyebrows that are out of proportion to their features. Unfortunately, eyebrow hair that has been repeatedly removed for many years may not grow back entirely. If later on they decide they want a fuller look, they may have to fill in with an eyebrow pencil to get it.  It’s best to be conservative when shaping eyebrows and not go super thin. Remember, styles are always changing.


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