5 Causes of Ankle Pain

We’ve all experienced ankle pain. The ankle is a delicate area of the body and prone to injury, especially if you wear high heels. This is also a very important part of the body because when it is injured, it becomes very difficult, sometimes next to impossible, to move around. Here are the most common causes of ankle pain.

1) Sprained or Twisted Ankle

This is by far the most common form of ankle injury, as 80% of all ankle injuries are from sprains. This happens then the ligaments and tendons in the ankle exceed their designed stretching limits. The most common form of this is an inversion sprain which happens when the ankle is twisted to the outside of the foot quickly and past the limits it can handle. There are also varying degrees of sprains, ranging from mild discomfort and no swelling to complete and total loss of function of the area.

2) Broken or Fractured Ankle

This is a situation where the very bottom of the leg bones, either of them, becomes fractured or broken. If you think you have a fractured ankle you need to immediately head to your doctor or local hospital. There is no specific treatment for this type of injury as they must all be treated based on the specific injury. The area can be painful to the touch, swollen, bruised and you will have no ability to put any weight on the joint at all.

3) Ankle Arthritis

Ankle arthritis is most commonly found in people who have previously injured the ankle or repeatedly injured it. This happens when the joint between the tibia and the ankle bone has become worn down or is out completely. This is also common with people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritisis, as they are predisposed to conditions of this nature. Another cause of this condition is being over-weight, as the added strain can wear away at the joint.

4) Achilles Tendinitis

The Achilles Tendon, named for the Greek Hero Achilles, is another source of common ankle injures. Achilles tendinitis normally happens in middle aged people who overuse it in recreational sports or other activities. This can cause swelling and make it difficult to walk around. Furthermore, it can lead to possible tears of the tendon and more serious problems requiring the intervention of your doctor. Generally it can be avoided with proper stretching and knowing when to slow down or stop altogether.

5) High Ankle Sprain

This is akin to a normal sprained ankle, but the ligament in question here is above the ankle and connects the two leg bones together at the ankle. When this is injured, you will experience pain when rotating the ankle all the way to the right or left. This condition also causes pain to move up the back of the calf. Your doctor can perform a simple squeeze test on the calf to determine if a high ankle sprain is the likely culprit.


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