5 Cardio Workouts for a Bikini-Ready Body

Every year as bikini season approaches, you may consistently wonder how to get in shape for the warm months. Cardiovascular workouts serve as a great way to slim down and tone up, making that bikini you enjoy look even better.

Workout #1: The Great Pyramid

This cardio workout will utilize everything you know about physically pushing yourself past your expectations. You do not need any sort of equipment for most cardio-based training, including this one.

Picture a pyramid and this will become easier to understand. Pick a long stretch of flat land as your training surface. You will start off running a short distance, stop, and run back to your starting point. This will get repeated, except each time your return to the start, you will run even further.

In a sense, you metaphorically build a pyramid, starting from the top down; a small top layer followed by several increasingly longer foundation pieces. Take a short break between each interval and repeat the process in reverse for an extra cardio boost.

Workout #2: Walk Sprint Sessions

This cardio workout works well on all sorts of surfaces and terrain. You will start off walking at a moderate pace and then sprint for no more than 15 seconds. After you have stopped sprinting, continue to walk at a moderate pace for around 30 seconds.

Repeat this process and continue for as long as you desire. Push yourself and do not skimp out on the sprints. Walking helps, but sprinting will keep your body firm and fit for your bikini.

Workout #3: Treadmill to Lunges

One workout that helps shed pounds while keeping your legs toned involves any type of belt treadmill. Begin by running or jogging at a moderate pace for about five minutes. Pause the machine or carefully step off and find room to immediately engage in walking or stationary lunges.

Your heart rate will continue to beat fast while you pump blood into your legs on and off of the treadmill. This exercise session helps build cardiovascular health, endurance and definition in your glutes, calves and quadriceps muscles.

Workout #4: Hill Running

This workout will take place on a moderately steep hill of decent size; in this case, the bigger the better. Start the workout by lightly jogging up to the top of the hill, or if extremely big, to a certain fixed point. Once you reach this point, run as fast as possible down the hill with proper sprinting form.

Keep your arms moving fast so that your legs have the ability to move even faster. Try to keep your knees driving high as well, which will help you keep your balance, increase the impact of your strides, and elevate your heart rate.

Workout #5: Jog, Jump, Jog

This exercise will help you define your legs and mid section while keeping your heart rate elevated. Start by jogging on any flat surface. Typically, this cardio workout works best in distances under no longer than one mile.

Jog for about one minute and then come to a complete stop. Perform a set of 20 squat jumps, and then continue jogging. After another minute of running, stop and perform 20 jumping jacks. Alternate the jumping exercise between each stop and keep your pace up.


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