5 Calcium Benefits For Reaching Weight Loss Goals

There may be many calcium benefits to help us to reach our weight loss goals. We can reach these goals even quicker by eating low and non-fat calcium foods, such as milk and yogurt.

Benefit #1:  Calcium is Filling

Calcium products can be filling, meaning they fill you up quick, and make you feel full longer.

Benefit #2: Calcium is Tasty

Calcium products, such as yogurt and low fat ice cream, are tasty and can satisfy your sweet cravings.

Benefit #3: Calcium Helps Build Lean Muscle Mass

Calcium can help you build lean muscle mass. This can encourage you to exercise more, since you will begin to look firmer and leaner if you add calcium products to your daily regime.

Benefit #4: Calcium Regulates Digestion

Many health experts believe that a high diet of calcium-enriched foods will help you to shed belly mass, which will help to you to look leaner. Many diary products (especially yogurt) contain a substance called probiotic bacterium, which helps regulate the digestive tract. Regular bowel movements can help keep the belly flatter and help remove access bloat.

Benefit #5: Calcium Enhances Bodily Functions

Most of us already know some of the advantages of adding calcium to our diet. Some of these calcium advantages include: 

  • build and protect bones
  • help regulate heartbeat
  • conduct nerve impulses
  • help clot blood
  • reduce blood pressure

If a pregnant woman, or a woman who is planning on becoming pregnant, adds calcium (along with iron and folic acid) to her regime, she can help ensure that her baby will have strong bones and teeth, rich blood, and strong cells to help prevent birth defects.

Calcium Deficiency

Our bodies can benefit from having an adequate supply of calcium each day, and we are susceptible to risks if we don’t consume enough. Some of the possible problems associated with a calcium deficiency include weak bones and teeth, bone fractures, and the development of osteoporosis.

Calcium Overload

Yes, there are many heath related calcium benefits, including the fact that it is beneficial to weight lost. Yet, this does not mean you should go overboard and take more than is directed (1,000 mg. to 1,400 mg. a day for an adult). This could cause some health risks such as  kidney problems or some cancers (prostate).


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