5 Best Weight Loss Drinks

Weight loss drinks are specialized beverages that essentially work toward boosting the metabolism of the body without compromising health. They work in a similar fashion as super foods to help overweight people achieve their weight-loss goals. The market is flooded with diet beverages conceived from artificial compounds. These beverages should be strictly avoided to prevent irreparable damage in the body that may occur in the form of side effects. Here are some of the best natural diet beverages that are known to bring effective weight loss results among users.

1. Green Tea as an Essential Weight Loss Drink

Sugarless green tea is a healthy substitute for calorie-laden cappuccinos and chocolate lattes. Starting the day with a cup full of this herbal tea triggers the metabolism and initiates burning of unused fats and calories. The primary ingredient of the green tea is catechin. This ingredient is an essential photochemical agent that multiplies the speed of metabolism, and hence the combustion of fats without disrupting other functions of the body.

2. Water for Complete Health

Water is regarded as most crucial for the proper development and functioning of the body systems. This beverage is a great natural agent to trigger exhaustion of unnecessary fat deposits in the body. It is responsible for regulating numerous body functions such as digestion and excretion. Water can be significantly improved with natural additives to flavor it, and thus increase its intake. Drinks like lemon water, sugarless flavored water, cucumber water and herbal teas can be counted as your daily water intake.

3. Diet Shakes as Replacement of Meals

Shakes that count high in fiber content and almost zero in sugar content are ideal for replacing a proper meal. The purpose behind such a replacement is to stock the body with the necessary fuel, without adding to the calorie content in the body. The high-fiber content of shakes offers essential nutritional value by considerably reducing hunger cravings for long hours. According to nutritionists, it is ideal to consume a glass full of low-calorie shake at least an hour before mealtime.

4. Vegetable Juice for Weight Loss

Vegetable juice scores extremely high in nutritional content. It is better to extract this juice from various vegetables you have at home. The best aspect is that this juice is replete with most of the essential minerals and vitamins required for growth and fuel production, without containing very many calories or sugar. That’s the reason why experts recommend this drink over fruit juices, which score extremely heavy on sugar deposits.

5. Milk for Losing Weight

Contrary to popular belief, milk is also counted as one among the best weight loss drinks. Milk is the primary source of calcium, which is known to trigger the breakdown of unwanted fat cells in the body. This contributes to the total weight loss of the body to a great extent. However, it is imperative to limit the intake of this beverage to moderation, otherwise it can result in unwanted weight gain.


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