5 Best Sprouts for Weight Loss

Sprouts are excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals. While many people associate sprouts with the green-leaf ones that are typically seen on sandwiches, there are several other major types of sprouts that are easy to find or to grow yourself.

Mixing and matching these different sprouts will allow you to come up with the best combination of healthy ingredients for your next stir fry, noodle or rice dish. One of the best things about using sprouts in cooking is that you can grow them yourself; simply plant seeds from any of the following vegetables, and care for them for a brief period of time until they germinate and begin to produce offshoots. At that point, you can uproot the seeds and eat them as sprouts. The following are some of the best sprouts for weight loss.

1. Green-Leaf Sprouts

Green-leaf sprouts are the most commonly seen type of sprout throughout the Untied States. These sprouts have a wonderful crunchy texture that can enhance the flavor and feel of a sandwich. They can also be cooked and mixed in with other vegetables as part of a saute or a stir fry. Green leaf sprouts are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and other helpful minerals and vitamins. Like all of the other sprouts on this list, they help to fill you up while providing only a small number of calories, making them a great weight loss food.

2. Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are commonly seen in Asian cooking. They make an excellent addition to a stir fry dish, and are also commonly seen in noodle dishes. These sprouts can be eaten raw, for those who particularly enjoy their crisp texture and subtle flavor. Eating them raw provides the best mixture of vitamins and nutrients. They are similarly low in calories, helping you to fill up without ingesting too many calories and thereby helping you to lose weight.

3. Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa is among the richest plant products in terms of nutrients, and alfalfa sprouts are equally full of healthy ingredients. These sprouts are smaller in size than green-leaf ones. They have a more subtle, nutty type flavor. Many people enjoy them on sandwiches and salads or as a topping.

4. Radish Sprouts

Although they’re a bit more difficult to find in stores than the other sprouts on this list, radish sprouts have one of the most distinctive flavors of any type of sprout. They have a slight spicy kick to them, reminiscent of a radish itself. These sprouts are small and contain a small number of calories, making them the perfect way to add a bit of a flavor boost to a sandwich or other dish without adding to the calorie count.

5. Sunflower Sprouts

Similar in size and health benefits to alfalfa sprouts, sunflower sprouts have a sweeter flavor. They are also great for salads and sandwiches.


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