5 Benefits of Laughter Therapy

If you have ever tried traditional talk therapy and it hasn’t done much for you, give therapy another try with Laughter Therapy. Even if other forms of therapy have worked for you, Laughter Therapy is a wonderful addition and will leave you feeling happier, in spite of yourself.

What Is Laughter Therapy?

If you have never heard of Laughter Therapy, you wouldn’t be the first. However, you will want to spread the word as you learn more about it and actually try it out. Laughter Therapy is exactly what it sounds like: the use of laughter in therapeutic form to heal the body and emotions. There is no absolute for the uses of humor and laughter in therapeutic form, but some examples are purposeful laughter and using props such as movies or clowns.

Benefit 1 Reduces Stress

There have been scientific studies that clearly indicate Laughter Therapy, or laughter in general, can and does decrease the level of stress hormones that wreak havoc in the body. When you experience the type of stress that affects your physical being day after day, your body will start to react in a negative way. That could be indicated by increased blood pressure, headaches or a number of other physical conditions. Eventually, your immune system begins to deteriorate, leaving you vulnerable to many illnesses. Laughter Therapy works to reverse the negative effects of stress.

Benefit 2 Creates Stronger Immune System

Laughter Therapy actually works in the body to fight illness, or create a stronger immune system. Typically, stress acts as an immunity suppressant by constricting blood vessels. Laughter Therapy assists the body in building up immunity and fighting illness.

Benefit 3 Reduces Pain

If you have ever experienced a true and deep laughter, you know how it can make you feel weak for a brief moment and then relaxed, almost spent of energy. This process can bring you a reprieve from pain and allows you to feel the sheer delight of humor in the moment. Practiced enough, this can become part of a pain management program.

Benefit 4 Releases Feel Good Endorphins

If you are a regular runner, or exercise to exertion regularly, you are probably well aware of the endorphin high or state of general well being that can occur with the release of endorphins into the system. This is a natural occurrence of Laughter Therapy.

Benefit 5 Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

When you experience a genuine belly laugh you use many muscles that tighten and constrict briefly. Afterward, the muscles completely relax, which allows your whole system to experience relaxation. This state naturally decreases blood pressure and can even assist you in falling into a more relaxed sleep. Because stress and high blood pressure often go hand in hand, practicing Laughter Therapy has a myriad of benefits that work together.

You have probably heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine” many times over. In this case, it looks to be true and it doesn’t take an expert or cost a fortune to reap the benefits. Laughing every day can make a big difference in your health.


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