5 Basic Skin Care Needs

Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily care for your skin by meeting these basic skin care needs. 

1) Drink Plenty of Water

The best thing you can do to keep your skin healthy is to drink plenty of water. Your skin needs water to stay hydrated; without enough water your skin will dry out and crack. Your skin could become flaky, itchy, and more prone to rashes and acne. Chronic dehydration can inhibit your skin’s ability to renew itself, so that dead skin cells are less able to slough off and healthy, new cells less able to rise to the surface of your skin. As a result, your skin will lose its vibrant, healthy appearance and begin to look dull and lifeless.

2) Use a Good Cleanser Every Day

You don’t have to break the bank to buy a good cleanser, but you should avoid washing your face with bar soap, because it can dry the skin. Choose a soap free, oil free, fragrance and chemical free cleanser that’s suited to your skin type (your skin will either be dry, oily or a combination of both). Cleanse your skin once a day, preferably at night, and avoid products that cause rashes, acne or dermatitis. Quality, affordable brands include Pond’s, Neutragena, Clinique and Cetaphil.

3) Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull. Use an exfoliating scrub no more than once a week; buy a scrub with fine grains. Large grain scrubs can tear your skin. A monthly chemical peel can stand as a good substitute for weekly exfoliation, if you can afford it.

Some people recommend using a toner after exfoliation or cleansing to remove any remaining traces of dirt, makeup and oil. However, a toner shouldn’t be necessary if you’re using a good cleanser; your cleanser should remove all traces of dirt, oil and makeup. Some people like the way using toner feels, and others don’t. Whether or not you use toner is entirely up to you.

4) Moisturize

Every skin type needs to be moisturized after cleansing and exfoliation, and sometimes in between. Moisturize after cleansing, while your skin is still damp, to seal in moisture. If at any point your skin feels tight, you need to moisturize again.

Some beauty experts recommend using eye creams, since the skin around your eyes is thinner and wrinkles more easily. Eye cream isn’t strictly necessary, but you can use it if you life, or apply a small amount of mineral oil to the eye area at bedtime.

5) Wear Sunscreen

Sun damage is one of the biggest causes of wrinkles and fine lines. Buy a moisturizer that contains sunscreen and wear it during the day, even on cloudy days. Buy a second moisturizer that doesn’t contain sunscreen; at night, wash off the UV resistant moisturizer and replace it with the ordinary moisturizer. Sunscreens aren’t meant to be worn 24 hours a day and, if you wear them constantly, you could develop rashes and other skin irritations.


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