4 Weighted Hula Hoops Games for Family Exercise

Weighted hula hoops are a great tool to bring the whole family together for fun and fitness. Kids will have a blast, learn total body coordination, and learn that an active lifestyle makes a happy lifestyle. Here is some information regarding choosing the right hoop and four hula hoop games to play as a family.

Choose the Right Hoop

When purchasing a hoop for yourself head out to your local sports store, or find a 1-4 lb hoop online. A hoop that is slightly weighted will help you build strength, muscular endurance and burn fat — but still allow for fast rotation, and therefore more aerobic work. As you get better, a 6 lb hoop could be purchased, or you could spring for a hoop that you link together and break down to add more weight.

1. Who Can Hoop the Longest?

Get the hoops spinning and see who can be the last man standing. You may be surprised how long your kids can go! Give them 3 strikes if they are really young before they are out — it’ll keep you hooping longer!

2. Raise the Hoop

Each family member stands in the middle of their hoop. The object is to bring the hoop up over your head without letting go and without touching your body. Squat low, pick up the hoop and raise up over your head, pressing the hoop high over head.  Count out your reps and see who can raise the hoop 25 times first.

3. Bumper Cars

All players should stand behind one another in a line. Hold the hula hoop outstretched in front at shoulder length. Walk forward in a zig zag, in circles, or whichever way the line leader chooses. Like Follow-the-Leader, followers should do as the leader does while walking. Different motions will work different body parts. Turn the “wheel” as you walk and you’ll work your arms, shoulders and back. Run with high knees, or press the hoop in and out from your chest as you walk. The catch? Anyone who bumps another player as you walk has to be penalized. Choose whatever penalty you’d like. Be creative! Keep it silly and make up a “bumper car” song to sing while you play.

4. Mirrors

Stand in a circle facing each other, and use the hoop too challenge each other to perform different tasks. Start with the youngest player and continue clockwise, challenging the rest of the group to spin the hoop on different body parts. Try around your arm, around your chest with arms at your sides, low on the hips or legs, or the real challenge–spinning the hoop in the opposite direction.

Family game time just got more fun and gets results. Try these games to inspire your kids to be active, while getting in a workout for yourself!


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