4 Weight Loss Drinks to Avoid

We all know there are a large number of weight loss drinks available as additions to, and replacements for meals. Some are even the entire diet itself. However, the ones we should avoid are not as easy to spot. Several of them have high amounts of sugar, and some have a shocking amount of fat. Several have little to no real nutritional benefit. It is always best to check the labels before you consume anything, but it’s more critical when you are dieting. Here is a list of some of the really shocking drinks that are often marketed as diet friendly.

1. Weight Loss and Diet Energy Drinks

Avoiding energy drinks of any kind when you are trying to lose weight is sound advice. While the weight loss and diet variety generally have no sugar, they are packed with sodium and other diet unfriendly ingredients. There is generally no dietary benefit to these drinks.

2. Using Meal Replacements as Snacks

Meal replacements are designed to have the sugar and fat content of a standard meal. When they are used as snacks, they add in calories quickly. It would be more beneficial to the conscious dieter to have carrot sticks or another healthy alternative as a mid-morning or mid-day snack. If you choose to use these in or as your diet plan, be sure to read the nutrition label, as some have a higher sugar content and are lower in valuable nutrients than others.

3. Fruit Juices

There are many varieties of weight loss fruit juices available. The concern with these is the amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners added to them, especially in comparison to the nutritional benefit. It may be best to drink a homemade veggie or fruit juice instead of a pre-packaged fruit juice. This will allow you to know exactly what is in the juice, and give you the optimal nutritional benefits. 

4. Smoothies

The majority of smoothies are made with full fat milk or yogurt. While there are nutritional benefits to smoothies, buying pre-made and even the new variety of do-it-yourself frozen ones contain a minimum of 10 grams of sugar per serving, as packaged. If you add in the calories, fat and sugar of the milk you add, it becomes much higher than most realize. You can make smoothies yourself using fresh fruit, low or non-fat yogurt and ice. This also gives you the chance to make it to your liking while letting you have full control over what goes in to the drink.

Water is by far still the best and most often preferred drink, not just for dieters. You can add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and enjoy the refreshing flavorful calorie free drink, without worrying about any hidden diet dangers. Water also helps you flush out the excess water weight and feel good. Overall, not all weight loss drinks and supplements are bad for you. It pays to be a conscious consumer by always reading the label.


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