4 Ways Weight Loss Meditation Stops Cravings

When you think about shedding pounds, why not try weight loss meditation? Maybe you have heard about meditation and think that it could not possibly apply to weight loss. After all, weight loss is all about calories and fat, not meditation. So how can relaxing and letting go of stress help you shed pounds?

The main reason, or at the very least one of the reasons, that people gain weight by overeating, which is directly caused by cravings for high calorie foods that provide little nutritional value. That craving is not due to overcoming starvation, but is based on emotional reasons. So since the overeating is mental rather than physical, why not use meditation as a means of dealing with the emotional issues that cause overeating? Only by reducing the food intake and thus cutting calories can you lose weight. Let’s look at the ways that weight loss meditation can stop cravings that lead to overeating.

1. Stress Reduction

When we’re under stress we tend to give in to food cravings and generally end up eating doughnuts, cookies, ice cream or whatever else is our favorite food. Rarely do we get a craving for apples or bananas or some other healthy alternative. When we eat that favorite food, we feel better and the stress seems to go away. However, we’re just creating a new problem with the excess calories. We need to fix the stress problem by a means other than eating. That means is meditation, a way to relax and rid the body of stress.

2. Combat Depression

Another emotional problem that sets off food cravings is depression. Just like with stress, you may feel compelled to deal with your depression by satisfying your cravings for high fat, high calorie foods that in the end do not solve the problem. Meditation is one way to help deal with depression. Stress can lead to depression, so the two problems are intertwined and meditation can give you the peace of mind to realize that food will not solve your problems. 

3. Imagine Being Thin

If you are overweight, that in itself is enough to cause you stress and set you on a course towards depression. If you employ weight loss meditation you can imagine that you are thin, and then you can set forth a plan to accomplish losing weight. This may sound ridiculous, but if you can imagine being thin and how that state will relieve your stress and depression, then you’ll be motivated to lose weight. It is just a matter of staying focused on your goal of weight loss. 

4. Peace of Mind

If you’re at peace with the world you will naturally want to eat the right foods that will cut your caloric intake and thus cause you to lose weight. There is no better way to obtain that peace of mind than through meditation.

Weight loss meditation is a way to combat the very food cravings that stop you from losing weight and reaching your weight loss goals.


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