4 Ways to Tone Arms with the Shake Weight

Despite it’s very suggestive nature seen on late night infomercials, the Shake Weight has been scientifically proven to tone the biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders according to the official website. 

The Shake Weight was designed specifically for women to help them tone their arms which consist of both the bicep and tricep muscles. Women are instructed to use the 2.5 pound Shake Weight for just six minutes a day to get noticeable results. Creators of the suggestive dumbbell look-alike claim to be using a new type of technology called “dynamic inertia” that is said to increase muscle activity over 300% more than while using traditional dumbbells. When you order the Shake Weight you will receive the Shake Weight itself, an instructional DVD and a quick-reference ‘how-to’ card.

The best way to use the Shake Weight would be to use it in conjunction with a regular workout program. If you aren’t sure how to use the Shake Weight, here are 4 exercises you can do to tone your arms as well as your shoulders and chest.

1. Double Hand Front

This is the move that you’ll see most in the infomercial and it is really easy to do. You simply hold the Shake Weight in front of you with both of your hands wrapped around it and then you shake it. If you don’t work out very often you’ll start to feel the burn in your shoulders and arms within a couple of minutes, or possibly even less.

2. Single Hand Side

The single hand side move involves using just one arm at a time. You need to grasp the Shake Weight with one hand, hold it out to the side and shake it back and forth. You will be targeting your biceps with this move but the triceps and shoulders will get worked a little bit as well. When your arm begins to feel tired and you can’t perform anymore, switch to the other arm and repeat.

3. Side to Side

This move also uses just one arm at a time and what you do is grasp the Shake Weight and hold it out to the side with your arm bent. Instead of shaking it forward and backward, you shake it from side to side. Basically your arm and the weight should be moving towards your body and away from it not in front and then behind it.

4. Behind the Head

This exercise will target the triceps, which is the muscle on the back of your arm and probably the muscle that needs the most work because that’s where the flab tends to be. For this move you simply hold the Shake Weight with both hands and then bring it up behind your head as if you were doing a triceps extension with the dumbbell. Your elbow should be at a 90-degree angle with your lower arm parallel to the floor. Then just like with the other exercises, you shake the weight to start working your triceps and biceps.

When you’re using the Shake Weight, be sure that you keep your movements controlled at all times, just like if you were using regular dumbbells. Controlled movements will ensure that you’re working the muscle group that you intended to use, and also help to prevent pain, strain and injury.


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