4 Ways to Promote Healthy Weight Loss for Kids

Weight loss for kids is a very important issue, especially since a high number of children across the country are now overweight or obese. Children who are overweight often stay overweight as they reach adulthood. Not only is their weight a great problem to self-esteem, but it can also increase the risk of developing serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Here are some ways to help promote healthy weight loss for kids.

1. Be a Good Weight Loss Role Model

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of children fail to lose weight is because their parents are not good role models for health. If you are battling the bulge yourself but you have made no effort to lose weight, then it’s simply hard to expect your children to lose weight. For instance, if you rarely eat fresh fruits and vegetables but eat unhealthy snacks like sweets, chips and fast foods, then your children will likely do the same. If this is the case then make weight loss and good health an objective for both you and your children. Start by eliminating junk food from the house and making healthier foods available instead.

2. Get the Whole Family Involved

One of the worst things you can do for a child who needs to lose weight is to single them out from the rest of the family. Instead, make the healthy weight loss plan an activity for the entire family. For instance, enlist the help of your children when it comes to preparing a healthy dinner. Give them tasks that they can perform such as mixing fruit in the blender or tossing the salad. Children who never learn to cook often become adults who rely on fast food, which further contributes to obesity. Getting your children to be part of the cooking will also motivate them more to eat healthy.

3. Serve a Healthy Breakfast and Pack a Healthy Lunch

Another way to encourage weight loss for kids is to make sure that they eat a well-balanced breakfast every day. Instead of convenient choices like a donut, take the time to prepare something healthy like slices of fruit with some low-fat yogurt. This will prevent your children from getting hungry and snacking later in the day.

When left to make their own eating decisions, children will more likely reach for foods that are high in calories and fat but low in nutrients. To make sure that your kids have access to healthier food, pack their lunch. Whole-grain breads, chicken, fish and fruits are healthy ingredients for a packed lunch. Avoid sugary beverages and sweets.

4. Make Exercise Fun

If you want your kids to lose weight then you’re going to have to make exercise a part of their lives. To motivate them, make physical activities as fun as possible. Take the family hiking during the weekend, go biking around the park or look for sports that your children may enjoy.


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